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The famuous sociologue Max Weber (April 21, 1864 June 14, 1920) defends the thesis in the "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism" that capitalism economy lays its moral fundation in Calvinism.


Calvinism is a religuous doctrine based on the ideas of predestination and written by John Calvin (July 10.1509 - May 27.1564). John Calvin  was an important French Christian theologian during the Protestant Reformation.

His basic ideas is god is an industrialist and not a traditional artisant like the traditionalist thought.  And so, God add programs in advance all events of our humanity includying the advent of Jesus Christ.

Max Weber demonstrates the relation between predestinate salvation and capitalism. So, I will not extend this thesis. I would rather notice that predestination is not incompatible with darwinism (or stochastic change under constraint). God creates the world and  humanity by constraining random process. Those constrains are the sources of individual suffering. God improves the world and human kind through the indidual suffering of living creature. One of the major source of suffering would come by funding civilisation based on law contradicting god laws. So, the predestination doctrine insistes man to to discover the laws which are constructing the univers. The knowledge of those laws guarantee that we will not contradict them.

According to Weber, Calvinist are looking for success in order to know about their own salvation so many of them are involved in capitalist entreprenorship in order to know about their salvation





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Author: Hector Archytas