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Project manager of coexistencialism

For the position in Romania or India, the position necessitate to have a computer with an html editor (Winword, Frontpage), a fix telephone line.

The payment will be done on the hourly based on presentation of the task accomplished by the project manager on an excel sheet send by email to the manager. The work can be done as a permanent job or at a part time job.


I - First stage

The first stage  of the coexistencialism consists on:

1 - reading  all html web page concerning coexistencialism and correcting them or making them more understandable,

2- doing a power point presentation (in English) of coexistencialism,

3 - meeting university doctor degree level authority in research in social (or economic) science in order to present them the coexistencialism. The presentation will be done with the help of a powerpoint presentation. The purpose is to find an authority ready to support the project.

4 - presenting the project of social laboratory to political authority (governing party as well as opposition party). A political party in opposition always fear that people does not trust them in the chance of success of their policy and so a social laboratory make it possible to prove to the population the feasibility of the policy. For a governing party, a social laboratory is a chance to show the next step of their policy and so if the population criticize  the lack of progress in the policy of the government, the government has the chance to maintain the enthusiasm of the elector with a social experiment in a social laboratory.  

Then, if the support of the politician is sufficient, the next stage can start.

II - Second stage

The next stage will be meditated and will be recorded on video in order to do reportage which would be sold on the world wide TV network.

1 - Organizing the campaign. The campaign consists on being invited on local TV or radio in order to present the coexistencialism to the local population.

2 - Writing article or press conference to the local press

3 - The action should be done up to the creation of a social laboratory

Rate is according to the average practice on the local market.



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