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The communities of the protestant sects

Abstract: This sociological article explains the link between American capitalism and the puritan beliefs and republican beliefs. And, how these beliefs are developed in protestant communities which support the American identity. 

All the story of XIX century in America proves that the gathering of people in communities is more efficient and flexible than "statism" to gather people so as achieving economic and social goals. 

The famous 100 years old book of max Weber, the father of sociology:

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (Routledge Classics)

give some clues about questions like:

Why the protestant spirit of USA was superior to the Catholicism of South America in improving the economy ?

And, why England, Germany and Switzerland overtook France, Spain and Italy by their economical dynamics.

I call "caste",  protestant communities because when I visit India each protestant church considers their community as being a specific caste. The difference with Indian caste is that people belongs to the community by birth and also by "conversion". However, "conversion" is far than easy to get. The community usually make an inquiry about the family and the morality so as to preserve the name of the community.

In America, ambitious people were willing to join the "best considers community" because they would join a the business circle of the community which means: credit and partnership. The community taxes the member at around 10 % to organize the welfare of the community. They were a competition  between communities so as to preserve a high level of values necessary to the "business ethics". 

And the opposite, France "catholic"  forces protestant  to live the countries in the XVII centuries and than nearly exterminate the "noble class" (equivalent to Kastriya) and always restricts the business class. France has promoted a high idea of the "state" and created dictatorship like Napoleon Ier. This position explains the highly centralized and paralyzed economy which exists in France compare to the American dynamism.

As India is nearly as underdeveloped at USA, it would be stupid in the name of "anti-caste" to defend a pro-statism which would develop itself by spreading the mentality of beggars to the poor (like the state did in France)  who might believe that the state is there to defend them against the riches and the well educated (or the upper  caste).

As the riches are no so riches, it would lead India nowhere.



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Copyright 2002

Author: Hector Archytas