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Collective action in coexistencialism

In order to have some collective action, it is necessary to have a excess of resource to finance the collective action. The investment in stock or bond is the favorite mean in the capitalism economy to gather money to finance a project. The criteria of success is represented by profit which is generated by the market value of the stock of the company. And, unfortunately, not all necessary enterprise can generate an individual profit (fundamental research for example). So, taxes have appeared as way to collect fund to finance enterprise for the benefice of the community which might not generate a profit.

Nowadays, the enterprises which had been financed by tax can be criticized in the same way than the productive company in the communism system. There are no easy criteria to estimate the  success of such enterprises.

Coexistencialism will create a market mechanism which will make it possible to evaluate the actions which are enterprise by government. In submitting the right to belong to a community on a market, it will be possible to estimate the value of the non profitable actions which improve the quality of life in the community. This value will be an estimation made by the citizen. As a government of community face the competition of the governments of the other communities, they should not miss any unprofitable action who can satisfy the citizen of the community. So, in this case, governments will try not to loss any opportunities in unprofitable action.

The advantage to have a market quotation of the right of citizenship will improve the motivation of citizen to invest in the development of their community. Citizens will be less reluctant to pay tax as these taxes won't be perceive as a forced tribute but as an investment which will have an positive impact on the market value of their "right of citizenship" and so they will have the same feeling of getting richer than if they would have invested in a quoted company.

In doing so, coexistencialism will balance the community between tax and investment. Tax will be perceived to citizen as an investment in the community. So, they will not consider taxes as a reduction of their wealth, tax would become an investment which would increase the value the community and so the value of the right of the citizenship. So, the tax will be compensated by an increase of the value of the right of citizenship. 

The mechanism is similar to the mechanism of investment in listed company. In accepting an investment, the individual has less wealth but the fact of investing offers him shares of a company. And, he can account these shares in his wealth. 


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Copyright 2002

Author: Hector Archytas