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A definition of democracy and comparison between fascism and coexistencialism  ?

Abstract: This political article present an innovative definition of democracy. Democracy is a mechanism to put in competition governance team on a dialectics basis. It is so a mid between system between fascism and coexistencialism.

The type of government of a country can be divided in three groups: 

In order to control the excess of the government, the coexistencialism goes further than democracy in organizing a permanent competition between governments of communities. In a democratic country, Coexistencialism would not necessary replace democracy as each community can elect their government democratically. The central government can either be elected though a democratic process or through the mandate of the governments of community.

Democracy restricts the power of the government by the confrontation of political parties during the time of election. Coexistentialism will go further in restricting the power in organizing the permanent confrontation of governments.  Coexistentialism and democracy differ by the nature of the confrontation. In democracy, we have a confrontation between an existing government and opposition parties. The parties of opposition present their intention to do a better work if they are elected. The confrontation is not about results of the policy but on the credibility of the parties.  The former government has to make electors trusts that it did its the possible work in the current economic situation. The opposition party will always pretend that they would have done a much better work. As the result of the government depends of the global macro economy, the previous government will always have an advantage during a good economic time and a disadvantage during bad economic times.

With the coexistentialism, the dissatisfaction of an individual will be expressed  from the migration from one community to another community. Employee can change of jobs if they are not satisfied of the management of the company which employ them. So, the confrontation is based on the real capabilities of the governments to satisfy people. The charismatic skills of the leader will have much less importance than its capabilities to manage the economy. 

Coexistentialism uses the strength of the competition to force governments to offer to people the best social and economical environment in the same manner that the fear of competition force companies to offer the right products in the capitalism economy. 

In order to demonstrate the advantages of coexistencialism compare to the democracy, let take the example of a country which have only one company who has the monopole about manufacturing and selling cars in a country.  The board of director is elected every five years and had to face a political confrontation against the party of opposition. The election is done at the majority of the prospective customers of the company.

In such a system, how will the board of directory manage the car manufacturing company ? Will it invest in technical evolution which might not be understood by the majority ? 

For example, let consider one of the best innovation of the car industry: the diesel motor.  In case of failure of technology of diesel motor, the opposition party will exploit the failure as a mismanagement and use it to be elected. A minority party will never make an electoral campaign on a technical innovation but they will rather axe the campaign on the corruption of the present board of director or the high cost of the cars produce,... With such opposition, the safe strategy of the board of director will be to avoid the risk of innovation in order to have the best chance to be credible and to look wise. If at the end of their five year, the poll give them a desperate score, they will stay inactive waiting for the end of their mandate.

Fortunately, competitive capitalism economy forces directors to fear the fact to miss an innovation. And so, even if a technical innovation might take times to be accepted by the market, they will go for it because they will fear that the innovation will give a competitive advantage to a competitor. 

In the same kind of ideas, coexistencialism should force governments of community to be interested in social and economic innovation. If the government fails to implement an innovation which has been a success in another community, it will be in danger to lose his citizens to the benefit of the challenging community.

In the case of a social laboratory, the coexistencialism will coexist with the democracy and will be an opportunity to improve the democracy.




Copyright 2002

Author: Hector Archytas








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