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Democracy  and polyarchy


Abstract: The political article argue about the instability of democracy in the antic Greece due to impossibility of a large number of people to take an intelligent decision face to a major military threat.

Democracy is as coexistencialism a member of the polyarchy type of government. Despite coexistencialism, democracy has a long tradition that one can date back from the ancient Greek democracy. The Athenian democracy is remembered as an idealistic political system in an area of royalty and dictatorship. The main advantage of democracy is the protection of citizen against the abuse of a dictatorship power. His main drawback is the incapacity of  a democratic society to react against a major threat. For example in 1936, the French democracy prove himself incapable to react against the nazism threat. 

In the IV century BC, the Athenian democracy was also ruined by the  fascism city of sparte and then Philippe II of Macedonia. It is the reason that in case of a major threat, the power was concentrated in the hand of a dictator in the Greek cities of Sicilia and the Roman republic.

In our time, main concern might be the tendency to contract infinite debt of democratic power (social security, social welfare, ...). The democratic system has a polyarchy contrast with capitalism system who also guarantee a large choice (career, product and investment) and prove itself extremely effective. 

From this remark, the idea to create a new system coexistencialism inspired from the capitalism system appear as an alternative to democracy.





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Author: Hector Archytas




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