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Alternative economic forum

The alternative economic forum is open to every student in economy who want to publish their research for free on our web site. Your article can have an author name and be linked to your web site. 

Your article should concern the favorite debate topics: multi monetary economic systems, competition of different economic on the same territory, innovative economic policy, negative interest rate and artificial inflation.


The articles already published, concerns:

  • the concept of economic scarcity,
  • soft currencies and currency for a restricted market.
  • You can post your article and contact me.

    You should indicate us from which page of our web site your article should be linked up and also indicate your author name and email addresses on your article.

    Your work should specify clearly all transfer of benefits from one population to another. In theme like for example negative interest rate, the potential transfer of benefits from saving account holders to employee, should be clearly evaluated. The reaction of saving account holders should be clearly evaluated.

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