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Project multi monetary economy



The project is a sociological experiment project to implement in an underdeveloped economy. The project is based on the theory of multi currency economy and as the purpose to demonstrate the modernization advantage on implementing a multi monetary economy in underdeveloped country.



The project consists to:

study economy based on merchandise currency of an underdeveloped area of Asia or Eastern Europe,

modernize it in creating banking services on this currency ( keeping of asset, credit and convertibility with the state currency, check book)


computerize  the system so as organizing ( transfer of currency facilities, memory card, ...)


to make a TV program to show up the experiment. The TV program will have a parallel with the history of finance and money. The program will be  to live again the history of banking , finance and money and help people to understand the contribution a the world of finance to the progress of humanity



The final purpose is to demonstrate the economic and social advantage of a multi currency system. To achieve this, the project should be the experimental part of a theoretical analysis conducts by a research group in sociology and economy.




Phase I:

Date end: 9/2002

The phase I consist s to look for support to the experiment. This support includes:

bulletuniversity group in order to study and promote the concept of multi currency in a recognized research center; bulletTV canal which accepts to fix the guide line of a TV report. It takes part in the will to advertise the experiment to the press; bulletOne of several voluntary human groups in a remote and underdeveloped area interested to take part in the experiment (Tibetan community, dalai lama). The economy should use barter or a merchandise currency.



Phase II

Date End: 06/2003

The purpose is to study the example of workable barter economy in order to find one modernize in a multi-currency economy.

Person involves: My self, which visits various underdeveloped places

Underdeveloped country


Research reports (with video) about barter economy.



Phase III

Date End: 06/2004

The In place preparation is to define the role of the in place actors in the program and to form the actor to their role.

The preparation needs to select one product, which will assume the role of money (for example wheat)

Two or three producers organize in a cooperative which will store the products and assure the role of bankers (or create)



TV programs

A modernize merchandize currency economy



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Author: Hector Archytas