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Limitation of capitalism globalization in area where morality does not support calvinist values


Abstract: This political article develops a definition of globalisation (or globalization) and discusses about the need of the lost of nationalist sovereignty to increase the survival potential of the human being.

The globalization is the process of integration of the world community into a common system either economical or social. 

The first phase of globalization is to integrate economically most of the populations of the world. The advantages of these phases would be the reduction of geographical inequalities by spreading jobs and business opportunities all around the word. So, the main action of actors of the first phase is world trade negotiation against protectionism. 

First phase of globalisation

During the first phase, a global market for all products has been created. The market equilibrium between undeveloped and developed country is obtained by the currency exchange rate. Countries who have insufficient exported capabilities, have a weak currency.  Weak currencies make imported products of developed countries outrageously expensive and prevent the local population to buy them.

Then, according to the neo-liberal economical theory, the effect of low salaries make the country attractive to foreign investment and the local entrepreneurship become more competitive. The local industry exports more and so the country can bear higher salary and the level of importation will so increase.

This classical scenario has one major drawback: foreign currency exchange rate volatility. The currency can adjust strongly against other currency or be linked to a strong currency (the bath and the dollar) and so follow the movement up of the strong currency.  In the case of the Asian crisis, the bath follows up the movement of the dollar and so became less competitive against other currencies as Euro, Japanese yen and the Chinese remembi. In doing so, thai salary went up, many local business close down. Foreign investment were reduced and imported products increased.  Then, while the crisis starts, the bath moved down sharply. People suffers of the price increase of import product, interest rate also increase, people consume less and even more local business went into bankruptcy.

In order to offer a protection against currency volatility, the CAA defends the possibility of multi non convertible currency for underdeveloped country. A multi currency economy can isolate the non competitive part of the economy. Multi currency would be a rational protection against the crisis of the economical globalisation.

Second phases of globalisation and moral evolutionism

The second phases of globalization is the constitution of a global governance. Today, the united nations is the first step of the second phases. The purpose of the united nations are to prevent the risk of war on the principle of national sovereignty.  But, due the development of mass destructive weapon and the multiplication of the number of nations, the principle of national sovereignty is more and more problematic. And, united nations had to pronounce itself in favor of war against dictatorships like Iraq who can constructed weapons which can threaten the future of the human kind. 

This process creates the fear of an Americanization on the name of a global culture. This fear is a combustible to the Islamic terrorist movements who fear the cultural globalization,  and the creation of a global governance. To offer a solution to this fear, the CAA. defends the concept of coexistencialism and so government of community who can defend the interest of a community which is sharing a territory with other communities. The coexistencialism guarantees all freedom to the community including the one to stay away of the globalization process.




Copyright 2002

Author: Hector Archytas



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