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The New Huguenots

The association of people who want to fight against the French state propaganda

Like Us, you can register as a new Huguenots in order to exist in the public debate.

Help fiscal slave of the french welfare state

The France technocracy have created a complex taxation and redistribution system so as to keep the control depite the democratic institution. The strategy is to steal most of the income of salary people by a complex and obscure  taxation system and to redistribute a part of this (or promise to give in back).  The purpose is to create the feeling of being privileged by the welfare  to support the current system. This approach is to make citizen elector toterant toward over-staff state and political corruption by making them feel that they are parts of the corruption and so solidar to the system.

French émigration

To answer to this state of affair, French are massively leaving the country. Nearly 500 000 French  have immigrated to London in the last 10 years. There are also a massive French immigration to Switzerland and Belgium (low housing cost). As French leave France mainly for political reason (hidden by social/economic issue). The policy of the French government has to the results to destroy small business entrenorship, private job to replace them assisted people leaving with the welfare in the country, low paid public servant. For people who get a job, after tax salaries are so dull that French can hardly afford to pay for their rent.


Capture the French Immigration into a polical action

Our purpose is to transform this immigration into a political phenomenon. We want to open desert territory in USA to immigration by "communities". We call communities group of people centered around a "moral core" (religious or politics), creating their own welfare, or acting as business club.



French welfare policy is a way to protect the current france technocracy in power