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IRE ethic, purpose and research program

IRE is the initiative of European young entrepreneur taken in order to help young entrepreneur of Asian and East European country.  IRE will offer to young entreprenor the possibility to work at the condition of sharing profit in a field with a very high potential as Computer Graphic, software development, Internet, marketing of high-technological product.

IRE is a liberal initiative and help entreprenor spirit to live according to their karma in doing the best of them to help their society.

IRE is innovative in researching how to increase learning capability and meditation. In IRE, student are to report how their learning process and maintain a personal realisation database. IRE is then researching about how to bring efficiently and economically knowledge and technological capability in underdeveloped country.
IRE is also a research Institute involved in studying and reporting about learning processes and investigating about how to economically bring access and motivation in learning high Technology to people living in unfavorable economic condition. The main first field of research of IRE is individual measurement system.

Collorative measurement system

IRE is also involved in intellectual study about developpement about social organisation and individual measurement system and the potential of computer technology for developing collaborative technology. IRE is involved in creating collaborative system social condition. IRE is not a political organisation and could not participate in any electoral action neither to finance any polical organisation. However, IRE can collaborate with any organisation in order to investigate new pratical solution and system of collaboration in order to reduce poverty in the world.

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