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IRE entreprenorship oportunities

IRE admission condition

IRE admission is opening to open to all Indian students having achieved 10th grade with good results in mathematics and English and having a good capability of learning computer, internet or software technology through books. The checking of these conditions is made by the analysis and summary of a scientific articles written by researchers in computer science.

IRE offers various programs with different admission condition. This condition depends of the kind of work:

Concerning project Investment for selling in India, young manager should have a clear written on paper with financial investment conditions and evaluation.

Concerning project Investment for selling out of India, no writing in required but young manager should prove and defend their motivation to pursue the project.

IRE project software development program

Approval phase

1 month: In this phase, entrepreneur should write a study about the knowledge to acquire in order to achieve project according to the learning plan.

This learning plan should include:

Listing of teaching matter to study in order to handle projects,

Name of books, time and examination program to pursue the teaching and to prove the capability.

Project studying phase

This phase includes all studying necessary to conduct projects according to the learning plan. This phase is very different depending of the complexity of the project. This phase gives a right to an advance. Duration 6 month to 2 years depending of the complexity of the project.

Realization phase

The condition are describes in the project collaborator contract.

 IRE selling commercial product program

Approval phase

This phase can be reduced to three days. You have just to prove your capability in learning the software through available material.

Project studying phase

During this phase, you will learn how to make demonstration of the software product.

Realization phase

The condition are describes in the project collaborator contract.

List of business conducted by IRE and EASTERN TECHNOLOGY

Computer off-shore service and working in Europe

This is the most easiest off-shore program and the most easier to make cash. This program consists of learning an high-technological software (HTML generator, graphic tools, …) and a foreign language (French, Norwegian, Italian, Japanese,…) on book (one year). The program consists to provide off-shore services.

This program necessitates to take part in the marketing by phone, Internet and mailing to European countries. This project can be conducted by one single person with a project studying phases reduce to month.

This phase can include a work mission in the customer place abroad.


Software development as video game programming or other entertainment software

This phase necessitates 2 to 4 entrepreneurs gathering together. The studying phase can last 6 months and includes following phases:

Finding. Finding partner is not a necessity but it will help to communicate with potential reseller before starting the project. In order to discuss with them about what product, they would like to sell.

Learn programming development tool according to the learning plan of the "Approval phase"

Analysis concurrent product and especially the best. The studying is over when one estimation of the product price has been made.

Research program and software development

Computer Technology has numerous research perspective. Between them, we can sited:

Natural language recognition and communication with computer,

Graphic recognition,

Teaching through computer.

These research programs lead to software product and research document. This work necessitate a learning phases of one or two years in which two or three peoples. The learning phases supposed to read the best research document about the subject in order to analyze if the Technology can lead to a commercial product.

A good example would be a System capable to communicate with people and teach something special. This will need to study the state of art of the natural language Technology in selecting research program who can give information about the achievement of the Technology.

Marketing European software product in India and elsewhere in Asia

The marketing of a foreign product in India is an interesting and rewarding activity as the competition is low in India for foreign product:

Product selection according to market need. This phase include discussing with Indian customer and discussing with the foreign brand about reseller condition.

Learning the software package and realizing marketing package in order to present demonstration of the product to customer. This include Internet pages.

Travelling and organizing seminary in order to present the product and finding reseller all around India.

Forming reseller to the product

Marketing Indian product abroad

Similarly phase then previously, except then the product selection includes mailing and travelling all around India in order to find out best realize product for exportation.

Creating a web site and looking for sponsor

In this work, the approval phase is reduced to learn how to use tools to design web site.  You them make a web site about any kind of subject and then look for commercial spoonsor to put an add or an hypertext link to their site.

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