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Individual Realization Database Individual Realization Database IRE is collecting and maintaining a knowledge base about people achievement

This knowledge based is based on Curriculum Vitae or BIO-DATA presented in a very specific form separating all the knowledge and capability of the person. Data contains in this based is validated by IRE. The knowledge could be acquired through studying, participating in association or by self teaching validated by IRE.

The database is then accessible on Internet in order to help professionals to find the right person according to their need. The capability knowledge database is an hypertext document with category, sub category, research engine in order to facilitate competency researchers in the category search.

The database store also data about the kind of project the candidate is interested to participate in enterprise following the RPS method. Distribution of off-shore contract

The attribution of off-shore contract to collaborator offering a good remuneration on the short term is given according to following rules: Competence should be acquired according to the capability knowledge database

Reserve (see reserve in RPS) should be the lowest to potential candidate. The first condition is the economic condition. The second condition the social condition. EASTERN TECHNOLOGY follows the ethic to attribute short term remuneration job to the poorest and project undertake by the richest.




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