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oneself mind not to other people mind. So, a person would be considered to be generous by others individual if what he is giving is considerate to have value by these others persons. In many case, you will the only one to see that you are giving something to others. So, if you need to be considered as being generous, you should be on listening what kind of gift is considered to be generous. You should realize that this will strongly depend of the culture you are belonging and the economic situation of your environment. For example, in a develop country where every body can buy the material object he need, it is not generous to offer a generous in a develop countries than in an underdeveloped country.



The psychology of a capitalist

So, more you have potential, more you can give to others people. In a society, so people have the tendency to accumulate money in order to increase their position the society so as there potential to act.

Another position

There is no limit in the accumulation of wealth per individual.

I will not discuss about the fact that some people by blindness accumulates money and dies before having accumulate enough money to give what they will like to give to the society. In a large majority, people involves in business as the real motivation to give the best of themselves.