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The mission of America


As a french national and fiscal refuge in London, I believe that god has created  the United State to unify the humankind around a common system and government. In doing so, America will save us from the threat of mass destruction.

Pilgrims immigrate to america to live according to their values in communities centered on their values. Communities were in economic, social and moral competition with others. This competition favorizes communities developing personal involment which profit to the welfare of all the comunity. Today, american are gifted with an exception entreprenorship spirit originated from the era of religious commuties.

We believe that people should be free to pay their tax and have a welfare from a community and not from a centralized state. This community could pay a percentage of this communty economic products to the state as a tax. As community would be gathered people according to their values, people would be guarantee not to finance a moral opponent by our taxes. Competition will improve the moral core of the community and so as the economic and the social situation of the economy.

The United States should become the United Communities. In doing so, the world can be peaceful united and we will be saved from a III world war.

Then under the protection of the United Communities, communities would be able to expand oversee as multinational do to unify the world.

Our action is to promote the "community act". The right of people to gather in communities in front of taxes and welfare to support only individuals with their common moral values.

In doing so, we could be an American even far away from America.






Copyright 2006

Author: Hector Archytas