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Is there too much inequality ?

The fight against inequality has become a political matter at the end of the last century. The concept seems to have strongly developed with the development of communism ideas and the creation of a leftist dogma. It has however decreased in his capacity of mobilize opinions since the discredit of so-called equal society of communism countries. One of the main criticisms against communism is that communism society was also a strongly unequal and hierarchies society.

So today, equality is considered to be utopist but in a country like France. But, in the fond of their heart, many people consider that inequality is the devil of the society and in a country like France, keep the old reflex to condemn inequality.

But, a question has rarely been asked and seems not understand: What does inequality mean ?

To define if something is unequal to something else Inequality



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Copyright 1994

Author: Hector Archytas