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Social measurement system

A social measurement system. What for ?

A social measurement system is a system in order  to record social debt between individual and so to improve the confidence between exchanges of individuals. During their life, individual exchange, take, give, take in order to give, acquire a social position, borrow. The essence of individual is to give to other people what they consider to be the best to give. The best means the highest of their creativity and not what other people want to receive from them or what they consider to be the best of the others and in order to give they need to receive from others. The best means what will liberate their inner energy, what will make them feel in accordance to their karma or what will make them feel their life to be a success.

But, in order to give, they will need to take and what they will want to take is not necessary what other people want to give to them. People wants to be a scientist and needs other people to construct machinery for their experience, to build up a laboratory. They want to be an actor and need other people to construct theater, produce and design camera. They want to be writers and need other people to produce paper, to publish their book and to sell them. But many of these other people also feel that there inner energy grow more if they become scientist, actor, writer, politician then worker, civil constructor, agriculture, ... So, there is a conflict in the society either the society favors the right of people to choose what they give, or either the society favors what they receive. This conflict has motivated to student revolutionary movement as "cultural revolution" in China or "may 68" in France. Students reject a society which refuse to let them choose what they can give. But in order to give you need to receive, if you favor the choice on giving on the choice on receiving you might neither get what you need to produce what you give. That was the problem of communist. People were more free to be an actor but they were difficulties to get camera. They could be scientist very easily but without computers. They could be painters but the old fashioned way and not tried computer graphic technology. Then, the consumer society of western society finish to be the world best accept society model.

Thus, a social measurement system is needed in order to record relation between individuals.

The existing social measurement system: money

Before considering creating social measurement system, the most successful social system: money.

The role of money in the society should be considered totally. This mean as well as a way of exchange than a way to hierarchize (and so as to industrialize). The difference between the role of money in capitalist and communism should also be considered.


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Copyright 1994

Author: Hector Archytas