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Social pressure tools

The problem of collaboration  is one of the major challenge of the capacity to organize the society. The problem is that collaboration involves task repartition and earning sharing. An efficiently organized modern society has an important task repartition which complicates the problem of sharing the wealth create.  An organized society has also to face the problem of motivation in order to stay a productive society. The problem of motivation is not simple. Young people has to be motivated in order to acquire knowledge to be capable. So, the problem of the educational system is a major problem.

This paper presents the existing tools and methods use to motivate, organize and share wealth create in the society. Then, it will analyze how computer technology has improved the existing capacity of organizing the society.

The final is to analyze the promise of the new technology of workflow and the collaboration technology in order to improve social motivation, economic efficiently and power repartition in the society.

Social collaboration in modern society

The social collaboration is our society is based on three tools:

Law and reputation

In liberal society, the law is used to forbid people to do something destructive for the society. The law creates no motivation so a society where law is the main tool for power is bound to be a very static society. It is what's happen with totalitarian society. In complete totalitarian society, the law is used to forbid but also to force to do. Psychologists will agree that people forced to work are very unproductive, not creative and refuse to acquire competencies. It is one of the reason that totalitarian society stay underdeveloped.

An alternative to law is the reputation. The system of reputation is very strongly used in villagers society. This system is also strongly used in the business community. If you have a bad reputation, you will lose your customers. If you are new and without any reputation then it is very difficult to get customers. With a good reputation and new customer can come very easily.

This system is a strong alternative to law as law is very difficult to apply. A society with an over develop law has an enormous number of people involves in the application of law:
government and parliament with their ministry who create the law,
advocate and judge who defines if the law has been violated or not,
policemen and inspector who apply the law.

So, in country where zealous politician try to legislate about every thing on create laws for every field of the society (criminal, financial, social, ...), the machine become two heavy and costly. It is then very inefficient on the weight will lead to economic damages. That is what happens in country victim of the bureaucracy like France.

So, reputation is a way to guarantee a good behaviors without a costly bureaucracy. Reputation is an approximate system compare to the law as nobody is looking for the true. But, in term on anticipation, it works often better then law because it is always applicable and force people to adopt a right social behaviors.

In summary, wise rulers will keep the size of the law small and against the biggest threat for the society in order to keep it applicable and let the reputation deals with behaviors which can't be considered to be a threat for the overall society

Diploma and promotion

So, to progress the society has to develop other tools then law. The problem of competency has been worked out by diploma. Not all skill are useful to the society so the society try to force people to acquire competencies in useful fields. Diploma is the way to manage it. If a competency is not considered useful no diploma. If the competency is considered useful, a diploma is created. With this system, young people energy is canalize in order to acquire an useful competencies for the society.

While people enters in the active society, the system of promotion is used to guarantee the motivation. The promotion is basically the same than the diploma system except than the superior hierarchy replaces teachers and give grades (Grade are used in big company).


To former system, another system should be taken in consideration: money. Since the XIX century, the value money is not made a precious metal but based on interest rate. Money become a tool to acquire and to share the power of the society. The name of this system is capitalism.

This system appears to be more motivating then promotional organize because the rule of this system is rigid and not base on the mood of a superior. If you make profit, you can do more and acquire a better social position. So, money has a strong psychological factor as it makes possible for entrepreneur and visionary people to plan their life without being dependant of a stubborn superior who can make run off their project.

It is the point in which communism appears to be socially inefficient compare to capitalist. In the communism system, entrepreneurs and visionaries had no path to achieve their purpose or have to face multiple hierarchical superior who won't understand their innovative idea and stop them.


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Copyright 1994

Author: Hector Archytas