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The ultra democrats

The ultra democrats are people who consider that voting is the best way to decide. The ultra democrat will generalize election at every step. The ultra democrats would like all decision be taken by the majority of the persons concern. But, as democracy has to face the problem of the time limitation of the individual, democracy has evaluated to be the choice of a decision maker who then will choice whatever he think the best.

This state of democracy is opposed as well by ultra democrats then meritocrats. Ultra democrat consider that western style of democracy are not at all democratic. It happens that candidate to a post of decision maker make promises that they rarely follow while getting the position. So, ultra democrats advocate that democracy could be only if people make a direct choice.

The opposition between ultra democrats and "normal" democrat is that democrat are satisfied with a system electing a decision maker which can act as a complete dictator without any consideration of the main opinion during all the duration of his mandate.


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Copyright 1994

Author: Hector Archytas