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The "Coexistencialism: A source of opportunities for the private sector

The coexistencialism will create a lot of opportunities for the private sectors. The privatization of the public services like school, fireman service was limited in a community where there were only one customer: the state. If the people of a country is divided in several communities, it make sense to have  public services who privatize companies who have contracted with their customers, the communities. For example, let's suppose that schools became a private enterprise. For the citizen of the community, the change will be transparent  as these private schools will have a contract with the community and they will be financed in the same manner by taxes. The difference is that the community can refuse to renew the contract if the school fee are too high compared to the concurrence or the quality of the service is insufficient. The dynamic is preserved to maintain the service public at a cost/quality ratio comparable to the private sector.




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