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The coexistencialism: A political system inspires  by capitalism to improve the innovation in the public sector

The development of the human sciences has created many concepts in order to improve the social organization. Social research search structure in order to have a better social environment (more ecologic), and in order to reduce the risk to fail in poverty or to have a better material situation.

Then, the invention of computer and internet have a great potential in order to improve the possibility to make a large number of people taking part to a decision.

For example, internet facilitate the possibility to do poll. It would be possible to divide the community in group of interest (like newsgroup). And, it make it possible for all interested member to take part to a vote concerning a rule in their field of interest.

But, unfortunately, compare to the use of internet in the private (in the banking sector for example), the use of new technologies in the public sector is nearly null. The public and the state organization has not specific constraint to put in practice new technologies. The reason is that state structures are very complex and it is difficult to change them. The diversity of opinion in a country in very large and so it is extremely difficult to have a majority interest and to experiment innovation.

The coexistencialism in dividing the country in community where people could gather themselves according to their opinions. So, it will be more easy to implement a social organizational change at the level of the community. Some community might be created only to gather people who want to test a social change who does not have the approval of the conservative opinion of their original community.

The competitive situation will create opportunities for the private sector and will be a source of economic growth.





Copyright 2001

Author: Hector Archytas