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The "community act" is an article of inspired of the "company act" which has the purpose to make possible the creation of community on the modele of a private company. The "community act" is inspired by the legal framework created by the Dutch in 1602 for the "Dutch East India" company. This legal framework has created the first multi national company and also the first company traded on the stock markets in March 20th.1602.

The date of 1602 can be considered as the beginning of modern finance and the capitalist epic story. Companies will not be exclusively owned familly structure as they were during the middle age but legal structure opens to all sort of investors. As for the registering of the initial offering of the "Dutch East India" company, includes among the 358 investors a cleaning lady.

Then, company becomes a vehicle where most extra ressources could be funnelled to to the best entreprenors and projects available to the society. And, as the result, the humanity have known 400 years and  the most successful civilisations ever seen.

On the other hand, "community" creates and registeres as association, did not have major developments. Communities functionnes as "sect"  in which adepts devots a lot of energy and ressource. And so, if the adept changes his mind and decide to leave the community. They lost all their investments.

The state has decided to solve problems in creating an administration concentrating  "religious" communities: education, welfare, social inter-aid, business combination, etc... As the state is believed to be permanented, only emigrant lost their "tax" investment in state structure.




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Author: Hector Archytas