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Coexistencialism, an antithesis to the theories of Karl Marx but a new chance for communism

Abstract:  This political article presents the complementarities between communism and anarchism in the synthesis of coexistencialism. By definition the coexistencialism looked like a reversal of the Marxism ideology but it might be the best opportunity for Marxist ideologist to make a come back and to design new communism systems. On the overall, the openness of coexistencialism is a safeguard against absolutism and so it offers the guarantee of a communism  system which will not end up into an absolutist system.

   The chance for a competitive communist communities

Coexistencialism is the chance for several government to exercise their power without the monopole of territoriality. So, under coexistencialism, Marxist government of communities would appear. The overall competitive global nature of coexistencialism will guarantee that the worst aspect of communism (absolutism) should never appear again. As any unsatisfied citizen of a government of communities would be free to move to another community. History proves itself that some company are managed like a communism structure but are very competitive. This is a prove that on a small scale communist communities can be manageable, efficient and competitive. 


An antithesis-theory

On the conceptual level,  coexistencialism and communism should be compared.

Marxist ideologist considers that the mean of production can be organize in the same manner than the army will give superior economical return than the current capitalism state of affair. Their ideas was to improve the level of rationality of the system and to avoid duplication of the mean of production. It appears that a country is a organization too complex to be rationalized. And furthermore, the openness of the economical system is highly need to guarantee an economical progress to the future generation. Their system became paralyze, inefficient and incapable to benefit from the creativity of individuals. 

The  coexistencialism is conceptually antithesis to the communism of karl Marx. The purpose of Marxism was to reform the tools of production so as to have it organize like an administration. The coexistencialism is reforming the social and economical enterprise conducted by the administration to have it organized and regulated in the same manner than the capitalist economy.

The current hierarchical organization of the administration lack of effectiveness even in the  developed country (*). If the social infrastructure designed by the state, were conducted by regulated organization ( community ) which are submitted to the competitively in the same manner than company are regulated and submitted to the competitively in the capitalism economy, the welfare state would have more openness, initiative, innovation, effectiveness and less cost.


(*) In 2003, 46 % percent of the French GNP is spent by the administration. France can be considered as an half communism country. In Japan or United State, the administration and the welfare state provide also an efficient services which cost only 20 % of the national resource.



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Author: Hector Archytas



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