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Rational opinion is a new presentation media based on the system expert technology and artificial intelligence. 

The purpose of Rational opinion is to generate standard reasoning to current problems either diplomatic, economic or social.  Rational opinion will store the human knowledge in human science and in religious tradition and then it will be able to retrieve it in an intelligent manner. 

The cognitive system will be a system expert software which would simulate the reasoning approach of those traditions. This media will have on paper various advantages which includes: 

bullet non-redundancy of informations. Each concept will be stored only once in the system. Then, the same concepts or reasoning technique either use in economy, philosophy or Buddhist theology will be included only once in the system.

bullet inter-discipline knowledge fusion. Then, Rational opinion will permit to fusion the inter-disciplinary work between various disciplines mathematics, economy, social science, history, psychology, reasoning, theology ... The project will be a chance to use the collaborative methodology established in the Information Technology sector.

bullet comparison of the influence of culture on the thought process. Rational opinion will store the belief and dogmas of various tradition either religious (Christian Buddhism, Islam) or laic (economic school, philosophy, science...). Rational opinion will make it possible to answer to a problem in various manner and dependant of a tradition. If the solution to a problem differs due to a difference in two traditions. Rational opinion will make it possible to find out what are those differences ?

bullet rationalization of the process of improvement of knowledge in problem solving approach. Rational opinion will display all the steps of any reasoning as well as the organization which elaborates and stores those reasoning step in the system. So, each researcher who disagree in the problem solving approach, or any hypothesis in the system will have the possibility to improve the system by proposing his improvement. Those improvement will have an impact on all the thought generates by Rational opinion and so the project will be a chance for a gradual improvement of the human thought.

bullet reengineering of all the thought process of humanity. Rational opinion will be a chance to analyze back all the ideas and thought of the human kind in order to store them in the system. So, it might be a chance to reconsider some questions solved in our past in a non-rational manner which have still on influence on our civilization.

bullet differentiation of the rational belief which can be unified to the cultural beliefs which differ from one tradition to another and creation of a diplomatic tools to solve international issues.

bullet the most intelligent search engine which ever existed and who will use a natural language interface.

Rational opinion is an association of research laboratories in artificial intelligence and a consultancy firm in cognitive science. Rational opinion is an investment opportunities for venture capitalists


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