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Uniqueness of information

The main advantage of the Rational opinion is the uniqueness in the storage of information. The same information will be stored only once at a very specific place in the system which is a considerable advantage to document even electronic. 

In a document, an information can be stored and presented on multiple manner and critical question can be  forgotten or avoided. The author is free in the way to write the document. Also, it can take time to find out the relevant information in an document. 

With internet, we are suffering of the over abundances of document and we lose a lot of time to find out either a document is relevant to our search. In fact, in a specific and scientific subject, it is extremely difficult to find out the related document through the internet.

Rational opinion will have the possibility through an language processing interface  to dialog with any internet suffers in order to identify his search. The system will be able to indicate if the information is not unknown to the encyclopedia and so if there is a possibility to improve the encyclopedia in storing a new information.

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Copyright 2002

Author: Hector Archytas