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Venture capital investment


Rational opinion is currently searching capital risk partner to invest in the develop of Rational opinion. The develop center is located in Timisoara, Romania for cost control purpose. The first source of revenue of the system will be:

bulletaccess right paid by the research laboratory  of major banks to the system to retrieve information and to present their publications,
  • consultancies in the field of cognitive science applied in automatic trading and financial mathematics.
  • The system is enough flexible to store cognitive inference in economy. And, in the second phases, the version will be extended to the economic research department.

    In the last phases, a general version of Rational opinion will be developed and extended to most of the scientific and religious disciplines. The general version will be accessed through internet. The source of income will be from the organization (scientific, politic or religious), intellectual who want to present their thought in the system. Rational opinion will also billed governments for the public utilities.

    Rational opinion will also target editors or book seller (amazon) and receives income from the advertising made to books. Rational opinion will store the innovative aspect of any book and it will so be able to provide an advice in a position in the research field of any book author. An income might be obtained from any book sell made on behalf of the advice or recommendation by Rational opinion. 



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    Author: Hector Archytas