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The spirit of the west

Understand the secret mentality of the western world through an historical consideration of all civilization which have contributed to create the western civilization .  


This purpose of this site is to answer to certain question as:

Why Europe and then Japan and USA become develop ? 

Is there a specific way of thinking who characterizes the civilization who develops ? If so, is it possible to use the educational structure to teach it in order to facilitate the development of undeveloped countries ?

What are the difference in the way of thinking of leading people in civilization who develops and civilization who does not ?

Is civilization interaction and conflict useful for the development of humanity ?

Is religious leader like Jesus and Buddha or philosopher as an impact in the development of the civilization ?

In order to answer to these questions, I will first differentiate civilization and historical period of development to period of stagnation and decline.  Then, I will distinguish these civilization by their natural environment and the dominant mentality (or religion). I will distinguish these mentality using a pattern I made inspired by the teaching of the Dalai Lama.



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