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The spirit of civilization


The five devils of  the soul

According to the teaching of the dalai lama, individual soul suffers of five devils: ignorance, greediness, fear, orgueil, jealousy. The highest of all is ignorance are other devils are connected to it. This devil will lead the mind and make enlightment. In term of individual, this devils should be overtaken by understanding and the consciousness of their effect and excess on oneself. In term of civilization, some of these devils should be considered more positively  as they have contributed to maintain or developed the civilization.

Fear is a normal feeling face of a person face to ignorance of the future. It is useful if the person reacts by looking for knowledge in order to reduce his ignorance. But, person can react to fear just by not moving and refusing the future  in this case fear is a sin.

Greediness is a specific kind of fear: "fear of self poverty".  It is leaded individual to work and study in order to improve their future:

  • build house against rain or cold,

  • stock food for future


    Greediness can act in term of knowledge (student are greedy for knowledge), material belonging and money. In antic Christian, Buddhist,  Moslem text greediness is mainly perceived in term of material belonging. Greediness will be negative in this excess when the reflex of greediness will persist why people have already secure enough for their future instead of looking for enlightment.  Greediness is persisted to be negative on a social point of view if individual acquisition reduces the chance of other to go out of poverty. In this case, the greediness of the rich conflicts with the acceptable greediness of the poor. Despite to be the more criticized sin, it is rarely the case in our modern economy. And so, it will be consider latter with its inverse sin "jealousy".



    Orgueuil is an excessive self consideration. It is a part of ignorance: ignorance of the others. As it is easier to perceive our own quality than the quality of others. An individual might ever estimate himself. This devil is overtaken by a good communication who provides a better knowledge of others' quality.


    Jealousy is an effect of orgueuil of individual unsatisfied by their success. It is the consideration that one has not its fair part of success compare to other individual or group of individual. Jealousy lead to find the world abnormal and unfair and so "jealous" people put their energy in changing other people and surrounding instead oneself. Jealousy is also an effect of ignorance of the humanity history. As if you consider that everything is the consequence of another thing in the past and at the beginning there were nothing, you could only be satisfied with the present state of thing. There is a opposition between jealousy and greediness as jealous people have a strong dislike for greediness and greedy people dislike jealous people.

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