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France, welfare state and the totalitarism into democracy


How to recreate the condition of totalitarism in democracy ?

The France state have found the solution to submit people to his tax system and to accept the huge corruption that his social welfare state in the source.

The solution is to organise the society in order that most of people feels like taking part of the national corruption and deadly scared of the foresable financial bankrupt of the system.

To achieve that replace the long traditional retirement by capitalisation philosophy of the agricultural by of "repartition" retirement guaranteed by vague political promise. As the retirement is not any more based on a tangible economic or financial performance, politician have all freedom to change the retirement income and use the retirement funding as they wishes without possible verification of the population.

To manage this welfare, recruit a lot of people, 12 time more of what it would be used in capitalisation system. As they know that their job is based on wind, they will thank the state for this.

Then, create a huge public sector with 1 man under the state for 1.2 in the private. So as, you can be different to most capitalists which are on the ratio of 1 to 3. Like this, the private employee and their company are collapsed by taxation. They are in the impossibility to save and so are in the submission of the power of the state.

Taxes are so huge that a large part of the population looks for all kind of evasion if not  fraud fiscal and so live under the feeling of guiltyness. They have to hide themself and can't react against the abuse.

On final, with such system, most of the population live in the countryside with the help of the welfare and are under agreat risk if the system colapses.



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