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Electronic Democracy

Democracy rules

Vote or electronic debate ?
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Internet revolution
Search for the true democrate who wants to act in the first electronic assembly

 is based on a default natural liberal democratic rules to manage the execution of an initiave.
An initiave can be forbidden on a territory if the majority is against the initiave. The vote is a petition poll following the arithmatic: one man one vote. It is the negative rule.
An initiave is executed  only if correct financing is provided. By default, the vote for executing the initiave is proportional to the contribution. The contributation can be done in term of money or time man. In this case, natural laws will not be forceited and the initiave will not have any financing bottomneck.
There is no existing society which follows this liberal natural scheme is fully respected.
So, the default behavior can be changed by power rules. A local representive can have the power rule to allocate a large sum of funds collected under the classic non attributed tax collection scheme, to some initiatives of his own will.
Another power rule can be a force tax collection to a router bank account. Then, the sum under this router bank account is managed under the law one man one vote.