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Electronic Democracy

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State is a legal structure. A unified nations can have two or several states who are competing each others on the same country


State is just a legal structure providing the service of governance. If the law, justice department, army and police are institutionalized on a supra state level. There is no legal reason for several states to compete on the same territories.


The move from a state to another can be done at the borough level. If 75 % of the electors want to move from one state to another, they can do it. The advantages of 75 % ballots on 50 % are investment stability. Companies cannot afford strong changes in tax regulations. So, it will guarantee that the borough will stay a long time in the new state. 



Country have no debts but states have. The main advantage is a protection against a dangeruous increase of the "national" debts, which in fact a state debt.  Boroughs have the possibility to move in a new debt clean state to escape from mismanagement of unwise politician who hade let the debt increased dangeruously.
The law distinguished three different structures: the nation, the country and the state. For the best of the country and the nation, states should be divided, under the law and competing for innovations. States should be linked to nations by strict constitutional contract terms on the same based than a provider/client contracts.

We do not want to vote with ballots. We want to vote with our "feet". Voting ballots are a choice between actors and follow their TV shows. We want to choice between complete state structures. The best way is to have several competing state on the same territory.

The next advantage is political innovations. Microstate can afford break through innovations like:

- Direct democracy or open democracy by delegates,

- Electronic law (expert system) and electronic tribunal,

- Direct managing of administrations as shareholders do,

- Multi currency economy including commodities based currency,

- new education structure which favorites the transmission of the business know ledges from parents to children.


The attract sympathizer of those new ideas by immigration and so they got a lot of supporters and people involve.



The following petition will be brought to the queen in order to obtain a national referendum on that national subject: 

Full Name
Zip Code
Do you think that the constitution should allow multiple states structures competing on the British territories at the borough level ?

To the problem of evolution, the nature prefers to do children than "reforming the old".
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