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What is an electronic warrant?
An electronic warrant is a financial service. It offers the possibility to an individual/entity to engage itself to finance a cause by an investment, grant, advance payement or a donation. The contract consists into blocking a sum of money (1 USD is possible) for a definite term. During this term, service provider or contract executor have the possibility to make a bid offer so as to earn the block sum.
How many person can take part to the same electronic warrant ?
Unlimitted. The purpose of the concept of electronic warrant is to gather a large number of personnes who give a small sum of money in order to accomplish an action.
Who is the customer base ?
Every body. Every individuals or organisation who has a project and who needs to find other partners to finance it to arrive to a critical sum to have the project done.
What is the relation between eWarrant and electronic direct democracy ?
eWarrant is a practical form to participate to an electronic direct democracy with a bank account. eDemocracy is currently blocked by the high difficulty to do a reliable and anonynuous eVoting. If an eVoting guarantee anynomuousity of the partifitants, it will be extremely unreliable by the fact then it is near to impossible to controle if participants are real person or not. eWarrant is a way to do direct democracy by voting a project instead of voting for a person. The difficulty of eVoting is avoided by using money as a unit instead of using a person.
Does it guarantee the anonymity of the funder ?
Completely. But, the funder have to vote (electronically) for controller executor to supervise the execution the contract if the bid is finally accepted. And for legal reason, a controller executor can not be anonymuous. Those individuals should be ready to be involve in a legal action against the contractor to define the right of the funders.
What is the difference between eWarrant and electronic lobbying ?
If the electronic warrant is direct to the change of a low and paid to a political organication, the eWarrant is a tools of lobbying.
What is a chain of eWarrants ?
In practice, many eWarrant are subjected to the execution of other eWarrant. For example, an eWarrant can be binded to a change of law or the secession of a territory. The change of law will be define by another eWarrant and the first warrant will be called a conditional eWarrant.
A chain of warrant is useful the modelize complexe project which are extremely complexe due to legal and funding issue. The system offers the possibility to monitor in real time the increase of interest of the project by its increase in funding by funder.
An example of complexe project can be the abandon of suzerainety of a territory for 149 years (like Hong Kong) by a state and let it free to be organised around a completely new economical and political system: multi-monetary, direct democracy, fiscal noeud and indirection and coexistencialism (communities in competition).
How can it help to improve the chance of launching an highly complex ?
The electronic system offers the possibility to follow the projects modelize of eWarrant chain, to class them by level of interest and activity. Projects which are in the first position to be achieved, will appear first and so attrack more funders.
Should an eWarrant use only for a engaged payement or a donation ?
Not at all. An electronic warrant can be use for an offer of capital for the creation of a company. In this case, the eWarrant are call option and exactely the same then current warrant traded on the stock market.
Are eWarrant tradable ?
Most of them are simple donation (kind of tax) offers for the general public welfare and so they are not tradable. Some of them may carry a special right and so they can be tradable on the value of this right.
How can an electronic Warrant use to launch a new industrial products ?
An eWarrant can be use to simulate the put on the market of a new product like for example a car with the design of XIX century car. Funder can create an eWarrant to offer a prepayement and a buying engagement at a maximum aunctionable for the product. The
contract can be taken by any car manufacror who can produce the product in the require number and sell it at the require price to the funder. So, the fund will be an initial payement to the manufacturers.
Why doesn't it exist already ?
In fact, it already exists inside relational network on a non formal form. Polician engages themselfs to other politicians or to the elector on projects they want to realize. It can be modelize by a warrant. It is also the case in every professionals networks whom professionals know themself and engage their reputation toward each others.
eWarrant offers the possibility to a large number of participants to join and to engage themselves on a small to those  professional network.
eWarrant and forgotten brevet
eWarrant are a machine to unblock the system. eWarrant can be emitted to offer a prayement and ask for a products output engagement to a company which has a brevet. It can be use to find out and legally demonstrate that some company has just blocking the products to appear and have no intention to put it on the market.
Dear Sir,
I would to submit a business plan to your Bank.
Would you please inform me about the address of your succursal dealing with such a procedure ?
The company will be a dot com financial business. It should be quoted in the LSE and the NASDAQ in the next 2 years. The turnover will more than 100 millions dollar.
We search an investment on the form of stocks subscription. The company will be located in UK but targeting in priority the american market.
The initial investment will be of around 2 millions pounds. 90 % will be invested in advertising. 
Dear Sir,
I would like to be informed about the cost of advertising the launch of a new internet product on your TV channel.
Address Zip City Tel
Bank of Scotland's 426, Morningside Road, EH10 5QF Edinburgh 0131 465 2227  
Abbey - Formerly Abbey National 57, Streatham High Rd, Streatham, SW16 1PJ London 0800 670 660  
Lombard Ground Floor, Weymouth House, Hampshire Court, Newcastle Business Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE4 7YG London 0191 226 3000  
City Capital London LLP Africa House, 64-78, Kingsway, London, WC2B 6AH London 020 7404 4114  
Abbey - Formerly Abbey National 36-37, King St, Hammersmith,  W6 9HW London 0800 670 660  
Abbey - Formerly Abbey National 224, Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4AN London 0800 670 660  
Catholic Building Society's(7)Website 7 Strutton Ground, Westminster, SW1P 2HY London 0845 601 9570  
Lombard Level 7, 280, Bishopsgate, EC2M 4RB London 0800 502 402  
Allgemeine Hypotheken Bank AG 55, Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 3AS London 020 7628 4422  
HSBC Bank plc 240, Lavender Hill, SW11 1LH London 0845 7404404  
Lloyds TSB Commercial Banking 1-3 floor, 39, Threadneedle St, EC2R 8AU London 020 7670 3711  
ANZ Investment Bank Ltd P.O Box 7, SE1 9DH  London 020 7378 2121  
Barclays Bank plc 1, Churton St,Vauxhall Bridge Rd, SW1V 2JX London 0845 7555555  
Lloyds TSB Bank plc 110, High St, Putney, SW15 1RG London 0845 3000000  
HSBC Bank plc 66, Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, SE22 8HL London 0845 7404404  
Coutts & Co 16, Cavendish Square, W1G 9DB London 020 7580 7941  
Norinchukin Bank 155, Bishopsgate, EC2M 3YX London 020 7588 6589  
Reliance Bank Ltd Faith House, 23-24, Lovat Lane, EC3R 8EB London 020 7398 5400  
HSBC Bank plc 1, Grove Market Place,Court Yard, Eltham, SE9 5PT  London 0845 7404404  
SVB Alliant Europe Ltd 34, Dover St, W1S 4NG London 020 7647 1260
Allied Irish Bank (GB) Private Banking Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, W1J 6DB London 020 7499 7848  
Arbuthnot Banking Group plc Arbuthnot House, 20, Ropemaker St, EC2Y 9AR London 020 7012 2400  
Clydesdale Bank plc B N Z House, 89-91, Gresham St, EC2V 7NX London 020 7710 2261  
Merrill Lynch Europe plc , King Edward St, EC1A 1HQ London 020 7628 1000  
United Trust Bank Ltd 80, Haymarket SW1Y 4TE London 020 7190 5555  
Bayerische Hypotheken Und Wechsel-Bank A.G 41, Moorgate, EC2R 6PP London 020 7638 2728  
The Woolwich 1491, London Rd, Norbury, SW16 4AE London 0845 0718358  
Arbuthnot Latham & Co.Ltd Arbuthnot House, 20 Ropemaker St, EC2Y 9AR London 020 7012 2500  
Universal Financial UK Ltd 3rd Floor, 15, Borough High St, , SE1 9SE London 020 7403 3686  
ITV plc London Television Centre, Upper Ground, SE1 9LT  London 020 7620 1620  
BBC Radio Solent Broadcasting House, Havelock Rd, Southampton, SO14 7PW Southampton, Hampshire 023 8063 1311  
Bbc Essex 198, New London Rd, Chelmsford, CM2 9AB Essex 01245 616000  
British Broadcasting Corporation Television Centre, Wood Lane, W12 7RJ  London 020 8743 8000  
Dega Broadcast Systems Unit 1, Newton Court,Rankine Rd, Basingstoke, RG24 8GF 01256 816220  
Commonwealth Broadcasting Association 17, Fleet St, EC4Y 1AA London,



If we decide to focus on the French market, to look less capitalists, we can add time-man as a currency. In the middle age, people were free to use whatever they like as a currency (oat, copper, silver, gold, spices, wood, ...)
We can do it for unemployed people only if they register not anonymously. We can autorize that people engage themselves by giving time to a project.
I mean it also for business like project. There is simple company creation stance like partenerships. Many unemployement would be ready to give up with a salary against a share of the revenue of the business generated if they do it with a reliable partner like a well established and strong company.
Of course, the French administration has many tricks to prevent this to happens (even if it is legal, as registered as a partnership). We can handle on the fly partnership registration between unemployed people and big comapy based on a agreement of revenue sharing. And so, we can turn around the French job regulation.

Open Society Institute
400 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
PO Box 23350
Seattle, WA 98102


I am developing a system and gathering a group of lawyer and software engineers in a project in this logic, which will evolve, into a system. The project is for France whom the constitution based on the "right of man declaration of 1789 " makes it impossible for the state and the politicians to legally block this initiative. In fact, it is just the computerized application of the specification of the 1789 declaration, today possible on behalf of the Internet revolution.


If you will to meet me to see if we can adopt the architecture to English needed, I am a highly skill software engineer working in the city, we can meet for a drink and discuss about this system.



Object: Petition of high-ranking politician about a “Tax payers are state/city share holder” computer system



I am developing a system and gathering a group of French lawyer and software engineers in a project in the logic of “direct tax payer financial control of French public bodies”, which will evolve, into a system. The project is for France whom the constitution based on the "right of man declaration of 1789 " makes it impossible for the state or any politicians to legally block this initiative. In fact, it is just the computerized application of the 1789 declaration, today possible on behalf of the Internet revolution.


It is a little bit like Margaret Thatcher did in the 1980s but this time, it will be tax payers who will directly search for tax cut by themselves in auditing the administration one by one in search for a budget economy.


I am also discussing about some “business angels” investor about the possibility to adapt the system to English need. If you will to meet me to see if we can adopt the architecture to English needed, I am a highly skill software engineer working in the city, we can meet for a drink and discuss about this system.


Name: Laurent Baudry

Bethnal Green, East London,

 Conservative Party Section


Tel: 00 44 754896


Appliquons l’article 6 de la loi, distribuons egalitairement l’emploi public.

Interdisons les riches de travailler.

Arretons la speculations immobilieres et la hausse des prix. Plafonnons l’achat de logement 100 metres carrees.


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Le Dimanche, 15h, 17 Juin 2007, nous liront la déclaration puis nous nous diviseront en Agora grec pour élire des procurateurs populaires charge d'entreprendre des actions juridiques aux conseil constitutionnel. L'objectif de des procurateurs populaires est d'attaquer par voie judiciaires l'ensemble des dispositifs et des traditions politiques mis en place par les politiciens qui peuvent faire obstacle a la mise en place de la démocratie directe par internet.


Parmi ces disponibles, on peut citer

- la suppression des concours discriminatoire (redistribution des emplois publics),

- protéger le système de retraite par la loi (conversion des points retraites en titres légaux reconnus internationalement),

- application de l'article 14 (conversion des taxes indirectes en taxe directe).




J’aimerais faire un procès politique contre la constitution française de 1958. Je me demande s’il existe à Bruxelles une instance juridique qui me permet d’enregistrer une plainte politique contre le conseil d’état français.



Accusé: L’état français représenté par le conseil d’état

Plaignant: La nation française représentée par Laurent Baudry en qualité de citoyen français



Accusation : Accusé le conseil d’état français pour les incohérences juridiques entre la déclaration des droits de l’homme et la constitution de 1958. Accusation renforcer par les faits :

-          les membres font parti de l’appareil administratif français ou de la classe politique,

-          les plaintes contre la constitution de 1958 ne peuvent être enregistré que par les membres du parlement ou du gouvernement,

-          la constitution peut être change directement par les membres de l’appareil d’état,

-          absence d’évidence que la garantie du multipartisme existe encore en France,

-          le continue de la constitution de 1958, juridiquement contestable car en contradiction juridique avec les articles 14 et 15 de la déclaration des droits de l’homme peuvent ruiné la nation au profit des membres de l’appareil d’état sans recours juridique des citoyens français (endettement, vente des biens publiques, … )


Objectif juridique :

-          Recours citoyen direct devant le conseil d’état,

-          Réécriture en bloc juridique constitutionnel de manière cohérente. Si la constitution rejet certains articles de la déclaration des droits de l’homme de 1789, elle ne doit pas en faire référence.



Objectif politique :

Me faire connaître dans le monde médiatique et politique comme étant un informaticien désireux de développer un logiciel de gestion nationale directe et de contrôle démocratique directe par Internet du  système de gouvernance français.


Il y a plus d’info sur



Bien cordialement,


                                 Laurent Baudry












Political parties

The Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) introduced a regulatory framework governing the registration and finances of political parties. Prior to the introduction of the PPERA, both the registration of political parties and the publication of financial information and accounts operated on a voluntary basis. However, the controls laid down by the PPERA specify certain criteria relating to registration and finances that political parties must now conform to if they wish to register. 

For further information, please use the links to the following sections:

If you want to find out more, or if you have any further questions, please contact:

To find out more about registering, please contact: <>

The Electoral Commission

Trevelyan House

Great Peter Street



Electoral Practice Advisor

Mechelle Ross

0207271 0706

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Romania (weekend) 7p 0871 801 8178
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Mobiles in Romania (weekend) 20p 0905 257 8101

Avocat / Lawyer

+40744 816024

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postal code 2900
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Stoica 723 288 621
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