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From religion to politics

Who should do what ?

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The revival of the law
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The day when the master of the world wil controle our genome
Who should do what ?

From social insects to human tribal community: How nature deal with the problem of coordination of large community ?

Ants, bees and termits are well studied social insects. There social structure is completely programs by their instincts. We commonly describe them by serving a queen. What does a queen mean in the insect world ? Does it mean that some decision are taken by a single insect. If yes, what are those decisions ? This paragraphs presents how does genetic instincts regulate the coordination of the community. In an insect community, the constitunal rule is in the genome and this constitutional rule define the behaviors of each individuals to make them fit tyhe need of the community. Insects do have some communication strategy. Bee communite by battle their wings
In the mammal world, the wolf coordinate their hunting around a leader. Hunting necessitate fast reactivity of the group. Self initiate communication between individuals is too slow and too impretictable.  So, the leader coordinate the hunting and all the wolfs follow by listening to the leader. Leader are usually selected by fighting.  In nature, some instinct has been developped to facilitate the submission to the leader. In natural evolution, the first rule is to reuse existing instincts in a different way to fit a new way. The instinct of attachment has appeared very early in our evolution. Canary bird gets attach to the first moving creature the see including a human and follow them as it were their mother. This instinct had been developped to transmit the culture of survival from parents to children. The receptivity of children is limited in age. The passage of adulthood of human is a lost of receptivity which is compassate by the acquisition of independent strategy of learning. The child is taught. The adult hunts for useful knowledge. In the animal world, useful knowledge is related to learn where we have the best chance to find a mate or foods. In the case of social animals like wolf, the attachment instinct had been evolved so as to facilate the receptivity towrads the leader. The leader becomes the "father" of the community.  However, this attachment instinct which will evolve into "love" into humans, is extremely various from one individual to another. Some individuals have no potential to become a leader and we have a strong "attachment instinct". Other individual have to potential to compete with the leader and will be hold by fear. Female are more likely to be controlled by the leader through an attachment instinct and male by fear. Fear is likely to be overcome and the individual who overcome fear, will defy the leader to take his position.
The nature teaches us three lessons: the first issue of individual coordination is the survival of the groups, and there is two mean to organise this coordination by following laws or by being coordinate by a leading individuals. In the case of insects, laws are programmed in their genetic code and executed by instinct. In the case of hunting mammals, the group coordinate their move around a leader but the rule of this coordination is also by instinct and so preprogram in our DNA. The last lesson is in order to improve the survival capacity of the groups. Programs of individual instinct varies from individual to individual. Not all wolf become leader and so it is not economical for nature to have all individuals trying to become so. The fact that there are a stromng diversity of tamelessness between worlf as been use by human to turn wolf into dog on selecting individuals according to their tamelessness. In the interaction human/dog, the leader is the human.

The appearance of language

Paleontogist believe that one of the characteristic of modern man is the appearance of the language somehow 200 000 years. The language caracteristics is believed to be a signed language and so it was not used for action like hunting or escaping of a predator. During action, ape used rum, muggled which use another part of the brain than our language.
Language offers a tremenduous potential to the pre-human group the capability to create social rule in order to clarify the position of each individual in the community. Futhermore, those rules can be transmitted to the next generation. Human children has a period of receptibility where they can learn without critics spirit. This receptibility does not mean that you might succeed to teach anything to anything or to turn any children in whatever you like. All children have different learning strategy so as they will select and retain easily what they want to learn. On the opposite, they will be distract and indifferent to a teaching which does not fit his learning strategy. Learning startegy also change with age and previous teaching. This point explains why a large number of very high IQ children are sploit by centralised public education by the fact that they are forced to learn poor content while they are looking to learn deeper things. Many of them close themselves to education and feel into social exclusion as adults. The last consideration is that sex differs by their interest and are ready to learn and believe different things. This point will be developped while a religion like catholicism is very successful to convert female at a rate 3 female for 1 male. And others religion like Zen Buddhist or Islam convert mainly men. It is a point which will be highly develop to document individual genetically based character and phenomem of conversion. 

The law of individual against law of community

Up to now, nature had organised community on formed of instinctively programs law and the instinctevely submission to a leader and coordinator.
With human came the possibility to established and to discuss laws so as to establish the right, obligation and rank of each individuals in the community. Human can overload their instinct by a community discussed and established to fit the need of the community.
But, can they really ? Individual have different personality which leads them to different behaviors. There had been a belief that those insticts can be overloaded by education and culture. In fact, it is the opposite. Those instints create a culture in order to find out what are the best strategy for the individuals in the communauty. But in order to improve the economy of the society, those instincts are various from one individual to individuals. And so, there is acceptance of the common law.

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