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From religion to politics
New Rapport
Electronic Democracy: How to make politics affordable to every citizen?
The revival of the law
Human genome
Selection of political revendication
Specificification Document
Western Civilisation
The day when the master of the world wil controle our genome
Who should do what ?

Why should we teach to our children uncertain religion instead of true atheism ?

In most of this book, Richard Dawkins made a case against religion by comparing religion belief by a set of meme (belief) which are paralysing the brain of their host (ourself) in order to program the hosts (us) to act towards the spreding of the mean (religious belief). Meme is a term invented by Richard Dawkins so as to use the natural selection algorithm to explain the spread of human belief and use it to make a case against religion. Dawkins argument is that children have an instinct to accept without any critics whatever their parents teach them and parents can conditionne them to irrational and dangeruous behaviors for the community as for example using a plane like a weapons. So, Dawkins advocates that we should forbid the teaching of religion to children and let religion be taught only to adult.  Their are sevarel problems in this argument. Who are "we" ? Not, the parent. They will be forbidden to teach religion to children.  The second problem came from the theory of evolution. Nothing can "appear" if it does not serve some needs. So, why do religion exist if it is only a parasite in our brain ? If religion serves only itself as the Dawkins analogy with virus presents it, religion can not appear !!!!! The evolution theory guarantee that something appears only if it provides a better solution to an existing issue.

I am a born in France a country where the church as been separated from the state 100 years. Religion can be freely teached but the state controls the public education and the contents. The French public education programs is very time consuming from 9h to 17 h with a lot of homework., and so let limited possibility to children to construct their personality by learning from other source including parents. One consequence of this powerful thinking is that French enjoy the highest "real" tax of the world and probably in all "peace time" civilisation which had ever existed (from 60 to 90 % for average income). Most of taxation is paid to the company and not directly by workers so as French people put the blame on their employer or so called "capilist system" which pay too low!!!. French government defends its education program and (tax machine) in order to turn immigrant into well condioned French citizen. Nowadays, some individuals from North African Muslim are highly criticise for not be easily assimilted in the Frenchmen factory. The accusation is in fact no right. The French educational machine is in fact extremely efficient to break muslim familly apart as it was efficient to break christian familly apart. And one of the consequence, young French "muslim" are in search of root and face strong conflicts with their elder. Another consequence of this state managed education is the disappearance of initiative spirit. The reason of the disappearance of the spirit can be put on the content anti capitalist of the French education but in fact, the form of this education strategy might have more impact on this phenomenon than the educational contents. Young French do not want to create company or to solve problems. In fact, they do not even think that problems are their to be solved. They have learnt from a very young age that the state will always solve any problems if they are obedient to it. So, they want a job or something with regular hour which looks as a job to bring them a small but regular monthly payment. As the number of companies creation had collapsed from a very level in the 1900s to nearly none, the number of unemployed is explosing. To occupy French people, the state had create a lot of low paid bureaucrat job pushing France to the highest ratio of bureaucrate per private jobs ever achieved. Those bureaucratique force organised themselve into power syndicate, arcelling the last remaining private entreprenor and organising imprisive "public" strike with the consequence to move away a large portion of the private sector abroad.
So, what is the link between the two stories ? On one end, Richard Dawkins said that (we) should control the meme package called religion teached from parent to children. On the other end, the French state had imposed 100 years ago  a heavy education burden so as to build up the mind of their citizen.  The answer is "who can decide what ?". Behind the debate about religion, we can see the resurgence of all sources of debates coming from the dawn of humanity: politics. But, in calling it politics, we stop to see it as human problem. We already see it as interaction between members of high social statue to decide how to resolve problems, who resolve and even more important what are the problem to be resolve. In fact, most political scientists who writes about politics, explain politics in their own current political environment. They always avoid to put the problem on a evolutionary perspective. One reason might be to avoid to face the spectrum of the religious belief of their time. 
In an evolutionary perspective, it is not anymore the way to approach  On the contrarit, we should go futher ahead in time when small prehistorical tribue face group coordination chalenge and transmission problem to the next generation. What was the original problem ? What was the originals solution ? And, how has things evolved to the current political scenariot ?
These book will be organised around the historical chronology. The political problems will be introduced on a chronological order follow to answers and the way those answers has evolved.

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