The participation of the political party


Abstract: How to have the same success rate in politic world than in the business world ?This political article discuss about the participation of the political party in the panarchist system which will replace democracy.

In democracy, most of ambitious policy implemented by a newly elected government failed. On the opposite, in the industry, the launch of a new product or service has usually succeeded. 

In order to improve the action of the government, let's analyze the difference between the political world and the industrial world.

The first idea is that the industrial world test on prototype their new industrial ideas and then they would launch a new product only if they are sure of the feasibility of the new product. A new product does not need to be accepted and understood by the whole population. If only a sufficient fraction of the population accept it, the product can have a sufficient market and be a commercial success. In the case of a new policy, it is necessary that the majority of the population understand the policy.

So, in order to solve these problems, the creation of a social laboratory will be a major improvement in a democratic country.  A social laboratory will make it possible for a political party to create one (or several) government of a community in order to test on a small scale a policy that they would like to apply on a large scale. 

The chance of success is larger if the policy is applied to a community in a social laboratory because:


bulletA political party is more at its ease in a social laboratory because the policy will be applied to a community, which is composed of citizen supporters of the political party, and so it will not fail due to a too large opposition,
bulletthe size of the population involve is small so it is more easy to monitor the psychological size effect on a population,
bulletthe amount of cash need to apply a policy to a small population is small compare than the overall population than the policy will not be affected by a budget restriction.

Then, if the policy appears to be a failure, the cost of giving up with the policy is smaller than if the policy has been applied to the whole country.

In case of success, the fact to have tested the policy in a social laboratory will speed up its implementation on the scale of the country. The civil servant of a social laboratory had acquired the competency and so they are trained to apply the policy on a large scale. The documentation has already been written. The computer system is already operational.

So, in this case, a social laboratory will be a fantastic tool to help the democracy to test the new policies. This usage of coexistencialism is easier and less risky then in the case of coexistencialism applied to the whole country. The community will not implement the policy exclusively with the fiscal resource of the community but also with the financial support of the political party who is implementing the policy. In case of failure, the member of the community will benefit of the financial help of the whole country to reverse the policy.


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