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NGO paid job

The C.G.A.. has the following voluntary position opened:

India, Pondicherry: Campaign manager for the multi-monetarism

Romania, Arad, Petrosani and Lupeni: Offer scholarship and financial support for students which plan to do a career of author and the production of TV documentaries.

Romania, Arad: Campain manager for the coexistencialism

The job of project manager consists in maintaining this web site, approaching political parties and TV channels. It is also necessary to write article that you will diffuse in the press, and conduct surveys. You will present the project to the leading authorities of the country. Conference will be organized in universities.  The purpose of these campaigns is to make a large number of people capable to understand either the concept of coexistencialism or the concept of multi-monetarism. The project manager should also organize a campaign in favor of the creation of a social laboratory

For all positions, you will have to present an action plan. The remuneration will be negotiated on the presentation of your action plan and you will be paid monthly at each presentation of the execution of this plan. The candidate should be a national of the country which is mentioned and should apply in proposing a hourly rate payment.

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To apply to any of the position, please contact me.


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