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Mental categorization of human being

According to their inner psychology, human being can be classified in various category. This category are not static as the purpose of life and meditation progress to an higher. You will not that the difference between one category to another is the capacity to be creative and foreseen.

Enlighten man: This state of mind is according to the Hindu - Buddhist tradition is state is the highest. Person reaching this state has been victorious on all inner contradiction including the existential problem (life/death). An enlighten man is supposed to have reached god consciousness to have lost his ego to fuse into god ego. According to psychologist, the existence of this state is hypothetical as no psychologist has authentified a Human case of enlightenment. However, this theory is quite powerful in explaining human condition. In spite of Christianism, it is agreed that 10 to 20 % of westerners believes in this state.

Up to now, there is very few social environment made to help people to reach these state. In East Asia, Buddhist have created community in monastery to create a social order to help people to reach this state. But, as living condition in this monastery are rude and discipline, it is no possible to have an opinion about the success of this social organization. So, in India, many people follow the sadhu or hermit way. The tradition relates much more enlighten people between hermits than people living in community.

Visionary: In the Christian world where enlightenment is reserved to Jesus Christ, this state is considered to be the highest that an Human being can reach. A visionary is a man to extend the border of its knowledge. They have the will to increase the collective consciousness. To define a visionary psychologically, a visionary is somebody who got conscious of some true and is involved to bring its view in to the humanity. The most obvious category is scientist especially whom invent a new science or a branch in a science. For example: Einstein, inventor of relativity, Hypocrate (500 av JC, Greek) inventor of modern medicine. Also, artist belongs to this category as Phridias (greek, Parthenon architect), Leonard de Vinci (Italy, 1500 ap. JC). Between Institution which look for visionary, the Nobel price is the most important.

Visionarys appear in favorite social condition. Most of precursor lives from rents and are free from any social constrain. In fact, it is nearly impossible for a man submit to a daily work to find the energy to have the capability to become a visionary.


Entrepreneur: This category gathers men trying to solve problems of the society and organizes it. The difference between frontier and Entrepreneurs is that Entrepreneurs have not the pretension to be creative. Their pretension is to solve problems of the society. Business men if they are an open mind upon money belong to this category. Political man sometime belong to this category especially is they work on an environment favorable to other entrepreneur. Entrepreneur have the freedom the chose the problem to solve and the way to solve it. Technical person and Engineer are also belonging to this category as their work is not repetitive and as they have to solve problem.

The social organize the most favorable to entrepreneur is liberalism. The essence of liberalism is to have the highest ratio of entrepreneur. The fundamental belief in liberalism is more there is entrepreneur, more people try to solve problem of the society and better is the society.


Worker: The purpose of this category is to make the world running. They are the base of traditional society and gather the highest proportion of people. They are not trying to organize the society but they are applying rules in order to make the world run. In most society, they are subordinate to entrepreneur as entrepreneur makes the rules and worker apply them.

Considering that the initial stage of Human being is to be worker, it seems a nonsense to consider a society model in favor of worker. However, in capitalism, worker can be victim of unemployment. So, communism appear to be the most favorable System as it offer life time work guarantee to every workers.


According to religious tradition, the inner purpose of individual is to move up in this hierarchy. Workers need to become entrepreneur. Entrepreneur need to become precursors and precursors enlighten men. This process, however has to follow the life of society. As more a country is developed, more there is place for the three highest category and least need for worker. One behalf of Industrialization, people are free from repetitive process which are progressively given to machines. The fundamental idea is matter problem has to be dealt by matter freeing Human being from its fundamental condition of worker. So, as Human being can concentrate himself on some more fundamental duty necessitating higher capacity and meditative achievement. Passage of one category to another is the fundamental purpose of every social policy at the level of a country but also at the level of a company. In term of interne social policy, IRE and EASTERN TECHNOLOGY has adopted followed Individual Realisation Database, one of the most advance and ambitious social organization of our time.



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Copyright 1994

Author: Hector Archytas