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Influence of the cultural tradition on the thought process


Rational opinion will be a chance to analyze the influence of a tradition on a thought process. For example, they are various ideas of the sense of life which considerably depended on the religious tradition.

Some tradition like Buddhism, considers that human should improve and control their flaws and the biggest of all ignorance. Other religious tradition, like Catholicism and Islam will insist more on generosity. The capitalism and western conservative tradition is attached to the process of improving the efficiency of collective enterprise and so modern economy gives a lot of important in the maximization of efficiency. The socialist tradition will be more concern about the social risk and instability  than the conservative tradition. 

All these traditions have a strong influence on the process of thought and are a source of disagreement between individuals. There are also known as the cultural gap between civilizations.

Rational opinion will be a chance to store in parallel the difference between traditions in order to facilitate the solving of diplomatic issues. Rational opinion will help to identify a differentiation of approaches due to a tradition and to find out what kind of agreement can be founded between individuals of different traditions.


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Author: Hector Archytas



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