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Financial mathematics intelligent retrieval system

As a software and financial mathematic engineer, I have designed the first version of Rational opinion as a system expert in financial mathematics and in finance engineering.

Rational opinion will be able to answer through internet to any quantitative engineer who is searching information about finance and financial mathematics. Rational opinion have a public access through the internet and a private access (intranet). 

In any research activities, it is extremely difficult to find out the best research papers related to a subject. Papers are usually searched according to the reputation of their authors in the field. And so, to be read, a researcher has to make a reputation. In an fast spreading field like finance and financial mathematics, it is extremely difficult to have a correct map of who has published the best articles about a subject. 

The purpose of Rational opinion is to stored this knowledge about the state of art in this science and who had made the last progress in this specific subject.

Another application of Rational opinion is a automatic trading expert

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