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Rational opinion a government tool communication system

Rational opinion will be used by politician and governments to express their complex problem approach to the public. In assimilating the knowledge in problem solving of best experts in their field, Rational opinion will be in position to describe the complex algorithmic used to solve critical national and international issues. The system will be in a situation to present the complex map and any problem and to defend the solution  chosen by a governments. It will be in situation to present the divergence due to different cultural traditions. Such divergences are not easily accessible to the public and diplomats. The cultural influence on the process of thought of a foreign culture is impossible to estimate for people who does not have any expertise in those culture.

Rational opinion will be a system of public interest as it will help individuals to appreciate the complexity of any problem at the governmental level. In doing so, the system should prevent the public to create fast made opinion and limit the potential of creation of movement made on easily build opinion. 


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