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The protestant and morality

The XVIII and XIX century United State is the perfect example of concurrent principle of coexistencialism.

The center of the community is that the morality developped by the pastor and the community church. This morality dicdates the behaviours of their adepts. For example, calvinist pastors develops pro entrepreneurial morality in order to support the social and economic welfare of the community. They also develops a business and work ethics necessary to successful business relation.

The competion between churches leades to a perpetual adjustement of the morality to the economic reality in order to serve the welfare of the communities. The pastor was also developping a welfare and educational system. This system rarely cost more than 10 % of the income of the followers and so was far more cost effective than current state welfare which can be as expensive as 60 % of the national income.


The community welfare was permenently adjusted to the economic capability of the community and its social needed. In turn, the social competition on communities leaded to the moral evolutionism  of the community in term of the adaption the the world. So, the concequence is that Protestant American have the best adapted and entrepeneurial moral systems to the society and economy.


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Author: Hector Archytas