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The coexistencialism: An inevitable step of the human history


Abstract: This political article described the historical link between various political et economical ideology: anarchism, capitalism, anarcho-capitalism, panarchy, democracy, absolutism, Marxism and their synthesis into coexistencialism.


The three type of governance

First type

Panarchy: Anarchy and panarchy are several governments competing on the same territory. It was the first style of government and result to a successful serial of wars. It offers a large degree of freedom for progress but due to the instability, individuals concentrate their main resources on war and progress are extremely limited.

Anarchy: It is the absence of government. It has probably never existed as the father of family was in himself a government.

Second type

Absolutism: The first known absolutism government on a large scale is the pharaonic government of Egypt. This kind of governments is extremely stabled especially if it is supported by culture and religion. It offers a stable economic growth and so the population can suffer of overpopulation. The over population can be a source of rebellion if the pharaoh does not involve itself in a fascism imperialism policy.

Fascism: It is a government of the second type in an territorial expansionism policy.

Third type:

Polyarchy and democracy: The third type includes polyarchy and democracy. Democracy is the introduction of a form of competition between party by voting and the regulation of the starting and the ending of a government by a constitution. In this system, government can become extremely inefficient as the image are more important than the results.

Coexistencialism: Coexistencialism is also the competition of governments but on the results. Government of communities are regulated by a territorial government and not only by a constitution. The advantages of coexistencialism is that the competition is based on the results and not images.

The third type is the last type of political evolution

An interesting question is to know is a social organization can avoid to evoluate towards the third type. If we analyze the progress of social organization in the history, we can find out that the social organization improve parallel to the increase of the process of collectivisation,  and the professionalism.

The professionalism can be defined by the fact that the decision are taken by professionals who have studied to have the general knowledge to take decisions. The private sector becomes more efficient when the government  create private enterprise at limited responsibility more than 400 years ago. The "private enterprises" starts to develop in order to gather a professional knowledge and to fill up a specific need.

In the current governing structures, we have a mixture of a professional decision and non professional decision. The maintain of democratic structure increase the fact that many decisions are done according to ratio of power and not according to professional analysis.

The coexistencialism will improve the social structures in increasing the professionalism of governmental organization. The choice of the citizen will be more in term of the value system of the community or the life style and the general purpose. The overall citizen will have less influence on specific and technical decision who will be reserved to experts who has the time to evaluate the situation and the feasibility of an action.

An analysis of  the history of organization shows that the two levels controlling structure are a necessary steps so as the system can evaluate:

Species: the species (acting level) are submitted to the "law of evolution" (controlling level) and so they appear, disappear and compete,

Human: the human (acting level) are also submitted to a set of laws which are a mix of the law of nature and the laws of the organizations in which they belong (country, society, ...),

Computer programs: At the initial stage of the computer technology, there were only one program which is running in the memory of the computer. At each evolution, it was necessary to load it again. At present, computer have a system of exploitation (controlling level) and programs (acting level) which can be installed or uninstalled without affecting the system of exploitation. 

Economy:  The capitalism economy prove its effectiveness in the mechanisms where the company (acting level) are differentiated to the controlling level structure (government, commune, central bank, ...). The other form of economical organization where the controlling and the acting level mixed together  fails on the large scale.

In fact between the complex systems  which are acting, only the state organization escape from this schema. This is partially untrue because the democracy made this schema worked at the level of political parties but political parties are acting at the level of talk which is far away from action.



Copyright 2002

Author: Hector Archytas




Keyword: history, future, capitalism, absolutism, fascism, marxism, anarchism, capitalism, anarcho-capitalism, panarchy, democracy, absolutism, Marxism, historical future