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The Institute of Research about Entrepreneurship

The institute of Research about entrepreneurship is promoting ideas created by individuals in order to find out innovative ideas to develop and industrialization rural area of underdeveloped countries.

IRE is developing a program to facilitate entrepreneurship in rural India.

IRE is also collecting intellectual papers made by individuals to first understand the role of money in the society. And so, if it is possible at the age of computerization to create alternative tools to manage the society.

IRE is also developing a software with an alternative system of Exchange. People in India especially in rural area live with an insufficient availability of money to base their economy exclusively on money. In many Indian community, people have their own system called villager solidarity. One of the research action of IRE is to rationalize and computerize these systems to make it more efficient.


IRE is not involved in any political activity and not links to any political thinking.

The major political opinion of IRE members is coexistentialism. As there is no coexistentialism political party, coexistentialism thinker are apolitical person.

IRE is writing books, Internet web site and software. IRE is also of Video about social organizational system that IRE experiment in Indian communauty. 

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