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Program to help small entrepreneur in rural India

This program is an opportunity to become an entrepreneur on Internet, in international business or in the software industry without risking your own money. Furthermore, IRE could offer you an advance on profit whom condition of payment back is limited on the profit your made. If you make no profit, no payment back. You can them become an entrepreneur without contracting any personal debt. IRE will take on the debt for you. You just give up the project and this advance is legally considered to be a profit lost of IRE not you. If you succeed, the advance is paid back from the profit you have generated and the profit is shared between you and IRE according to a SRS company.

IRE has started an activity at Pondicherry in India at the end of 1998 in order to offer a great career opportunity to young Indian people with an entreprenorship mind.

IRE program admission condition are not as difficult as getting a job. The educational background to enter in the program is opened to every Indian trainees more than 18 years old, English writing knowledge and having reached 10th grade with good result in mathematics and English.
Thus, if you want to :

Create web site and market product or services on Internet,

Program software or Video games programming,

Become a consultant or seller of computer and software foreign technology in India

IRE can offer you the chance to work in this field even if you have no university degree. You can have your business idea and go for the admission process to enter in IRE or either select an opportunities in the list in which IRE is ready to offer you an infrastructure and an advance.

IRE is associated with  Eastern Technology, a company programming software for Europe and outsource people in Europe. EASTERN TECHNOLOGY offers SRS employing contract for people working in India and offer work opportunities in Europe at French salary rate.

You are maybe interested in thinking about how to use measurement capability of computer technology to improve individual motivation in the society and also profit sharing. As a good profit sharing strategy is essential to a good motivation at work. You will then be interested in IRE research activity about collaborative system.

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