The creation of a political laboratory in order to experiment the coexistencialism

The C.G.A.. is meeting politicians in India, Southeast-Asia and Eastern Europe in order to find a government who can dedicate a small territory in order to test the concept of coexistencialism for a duration of 20 years. The territory may have a population between 10 000 to 100 000 habitants who has an interest in the concept of “coexistencialism”.  It is not necessary that all the population of the territory take part to the experiment as the principle of the coexistencialism is that people are free to chose between several governmental. So, the population who are not interested to contribute to an original community and to the experimentation of coexistencialism, will stay a citizen of a government which is governing of the totality of the country which will be considered to be a community in the territory.

The country should preferably have the tradition of democracy or multiple party (or a single party divided in fraction). It is preferable that there are a variation between the opinions concerning the ideal community or the economical policy. The existence of a political party may facilitate the experimentation as each party could become a government of community.

The C.G.A.. will collaborate with the ministry of finance or the ministry of the social development of the government of the country in which the experimentation took place. The C.G.A.. will assure the role of the central government and find out the optimum regulation in order to establish a fructuous competition between the government of community. The experiment will be sponsored by a TV channel and study by a research team of the university of the Sorbonne in Paris.

The success of the experimentation depends of the creativity of the community. The potential to have a creative social organization follows the technical innovation. The innovations which offer the best potential for social improvement, are internet and the electronic payment (credit card). The availability of this technology in the territory of the experimentation will offer a strong potential to innovate for a government of community.

A political laboratory should not be seen only as a way to experiment the coexistencialism but  also as a wonderful tool to improve the democracy.





Copyright 2001

Author: Hector Archytas


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