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Our Purpose
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Our purpose is to promote the culture of the software industry to the political world.

Organization Purpose

The Network Science Political Group links indiduals who try to promote the problem analysis methodology to political organisation. In most political organisation, there are a minority of engineer and software professional. But as a minority, they have to accept and learn the language of sociologists and economists. If you accept their language, we have to accept their view. We do not.  We do not believe in a science which is supposed true without any experitmentation. We believe that humanities are not science and will never be.
We gather individual of various political tendencies who like to analyse political and social problem with the methodology of the software industry. We exchange our experiences and discuss about our success and failure in awakaning politician to our science.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make people understand that social engineering can be successful if they are conducted a scientic way.
And, science mean experimentation on a small case. Not a short experimentation but a long experimentation of a full generation cycle (30 years). Society have an impact on the culture of the young so successful change rarely occurs 1 or 2 years after but when the new generation educated in the new value start their life. It is so necessary to have a territory where new social and political frammework can be tested and evaluated on the long term base.