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Save democracy by joining our experts in mass communication. We are researching practical solutions through network mathematical to the problem of mass convergence to solution.
Help us to make politicians understand that the approach of software specialist to socio-economic problem is better than the one of social science specialists.
Help us to make politicians understand that parlementarism is now an obsoleted idea . Most of current constitution have been designed in the last 400 years after the invention of printing. We are now at the start of a new revolution: the age of internet. We can now design completely new constitutional framework based on direct democracy and structured around Virtual Assembly software instead of a costly and inefficient legal system. 

Help us to make politicians understand that a country can have several welfare state competiting together in the same country.
Help us to make politicians understand that the best approach to political reform is to start from scratch in a borough and if successful, extend it to the whole country.
Become an investor in Virtual Assembly Software the first political Ressource planning system of the world. Virtual Assembly  would be the key tools to move parlamentarism towards direct democracy.

We are gathering indiduals who understand the culture of computer science and who wants to teach our cuture to politician Our problem solving approach in system to high complexity and information ambiguity is by far the most reliable way to find solution.
We believe that society is an evolutionary highly complex system.
We, software specialist, have an approach to analyse and improve highly complex system which is mostly unknown to the culture of economists and sociologists. I, even think that politician who are defining their policies those sciences relies on luck and not on science. 
Between the top success of the software industry, I can mention the achiement of DASSAULT SYSTEMES, which gathered the work of 3000 engineers to produce the more complex software of the world the CAD/CAM software named CATIA. CATIA handles the virtual prototype of new BOEING planes of organised the work of many engineers. It is also used to simulate the behaviors of those plane and to program the machine tools. The results were so successful that BOEING is using  CATIA from design to production and save the cost of a prototype.
Those incredible results of the private sector could have been also achieved by the political world if the competition that politician face, were based on social achievement.  Unfortunately, politician are focussed on campaining achievement.
We still believe that it is possible to convince politicians that the approach to complexity of our culture offers far more guarantee to achieve somethings than the logic of humanities.
Our idea is that democracy can be a centered around a logicial like CATIA. We call this logicial a PRP (Political Resource Planning). In this system, all citizen/contribuable could interactively modify the legal framework of the country. 

What is an high complexity system ?
An high complexity system is a system where the level of complexity is such that it is out of reach of the understanding of an individual. A modern plane is high complexity system . Thus, no individual knows enough about its production and its characteristics to start  the production of new planes in a new continent.
But,  the 100 000 professionals of Boeing who have organised their work in a network around the CAD/CAM system CATIA, can achieve it. The idea being it is that the system is not handled by the neural network of a simple brains but a network of 100 000 brains networked around CATIA.
Karl Marx in line with many  sociologists and economists believe that society can be understood and modelize by a single human brain. We are quite sure that he is wrong. And the complexity level of modern but even XIX society is far out of reached of a single individual. The time to absorbe the necesssary information is also far too long compare to our life span. 
Information Technology method analysis applied to political, economical and social problems.
Software specialist have developped a considerable amount of method analysis to cooperate and discuss about the architecture of software analysis, to handle its evolution and to consider the quality of the information disponible. Beside classical methods merise model, flux diagrams or OO design, new modelisation applied to artifical life (evolutionary concepts) and neural network are promising tools to social sciences and should handle a redesign of the constitutional framework of modern society.
Modelizing complex society and economical environment by Neural Network.
 One simpliest way to model the society is to represent it like a brain evolving according to information inputs. Those kind of representation are called neural network. Electrical and hormonol flux can be replaced by information and rights (money, diplome, authorization,...). Neurones can be replaced by economical agents: familly, company, association, state, ...
The research in Neural Networks has permitted the understanding of different architecture of neural networks: perceptron, retro-propagation, ...
The first obvious advantages of neural network researches are to be able to find weath optinimum and network evolution  according to the architecture. It is also possible to recognize the risk of desagragation: lost of neuronnes and complexity. Another result is that optimal flux (or wealth optimum) are achieved in free information transfer and if no neurones have the capacity to trick the network and change the rule of the game to its advantage.
Genetic algorithm and  agent based models
Neural network modelling does not take into account evolution other than corruption and lost of entropy. The financial sector is keen on modelling market mechanism and agent based modelling is largely used to simulate market mechanism. However, it has never been tried to modelize a complete social/economical body. The main reason is that the world of finance looks for results but politician look for convincing arguments. Simple economic formula are more easy to convert into an argument than a complex model structured around Neural Networks.
Evolution and grammar based modeling
You can not modelize high evolutionary process as emergence. Problem like the emergence of a new species can not be modelized by neural network modelling. In those kind of modeling, it is not the complex system which is evolving but the process of fabrication. For organism, the DNA code is evolving. For planes, the CAD/CAM system and the database are evolving. For civilisation, cultures are evolving and gathered informations to build new civilisations.
Unfortunately, new civilisation creation was possible only when people were free to migrate by colonies and start something new. It was the case in antiquity and it has in North America. United State has emerged from the evolution of the northern european culture. This evolution was accelerated by printing machine, protestantism and the recovery of the former greek culture.
Civilisation emergence
Nowadays as most territory are already occupied, there is no possibility for a new civilisation to appear. This mean that the natural process for emergence does not work for civilisation anymore. It can be also demonstrated that the complexity of developped countries make a real reform a risky business. It is more likely to trigger the collapse of the system than a real improvement. So, it is rather wise that our politician advertize their ideas of reform during political campaign and then forget them while in power. The maintenance of a high complex society is already hard enough to keep the goverment busy and it has no time to manage an emergence.
Free economic and social zone in underdelopped area
However, not all parts of our country are fully developped. Many areas are completely underdevelopped. It would be appropriated to change the constitutional framework so as new social and economical organisation can be implemented on some dedicate territories.

Three welfare states in the same countrie is  the ultimate solution against corruption and monopoly 

They is no real reason that none core governmental institution can be devided in three welfare state. Each welfare stage will propose his educational framework, welfare package and tax system. Companies will be independent of those welfare state and pay the social taxes according the welfare state choosen by employees. This system protect citizens against state taxation abuse, useless welfare service,  and the lack of transparencies.

This idea is called the weak form of  coexistencialism”. Its purpose is to protect citizens from the lack of transaparence and the increase of the size of corruption and inefficience in modern welfare state.

For information, the strong form of coexistencialism is to manage the changes in the society as efficiently as market mechanisms drive the structure of the society.  The strong form induces a level of competition sufficient for the emergence of new "super" culture (antic greece, British capitalism, USA,...). The weak form is only a protection against the law of entropy (corruption, inefficiencies and useless complexities) that monopol indices.

The possibility to political parties to test their policy before presenting it to the elector. 

In order to succeed in those projects, we are involved in the search of an authority who can accept to dedicate a part of his territory to the creation of a social laboratory. This experiment is comparable to the experimentation of the "market economy" which took place in China at Shenzhen. And even more idealistic, it can also be compared to the creation of Auroville in India.  India authorizes the creation of Auroville to test the humanitarian principle of the philosopher Sri Aurobindo. 

Why are we believing that political sciences are for political shows and not for social results ?

Since Kark Marx, sociologist and economist try to describe (or modelize) the society in linguistic term and sometime create a simple model based an a simple mathematical formula. They are mainly inspired by theorical physicis. Albert Einstein could summarize his theory in a simple mathematic formula E=mc2. The error in this approach is that theorical physic converge to an unique theory but humanities diverge. In other word, theorical physic moves backward the time to the Bing Bang, humanities move forward the time to an ever increasing level of complexity. 

So, the simple formula that economists create to represent the society are likely to represent something of significance in a specific case depending of the culture and the mentality of the society analysed by the economist but it is useless to create a general theory. They are just modelling the economic and social realities around their own social environment and then expect to generalize it to the complete world

On the other end, a modeling with neural network or algorithm genetics need many years of work to be achieved but it is likely to represent a complete picture. Then, neural network theories are used to verify the validity of the model.

From Parlementarism towards Electronic Virtual Assembly

All the complex electoral Process can be programmed into a Electronic Virtual Assembly Software. An electronic Virtual Assembly  has the benefit to be able to work to an unliminated number of voters and so it can be extended to the full nation. The limitation will the time of the voters. So, Electronic Virtual Assembly Software can adjust this problem by offering the possibility to delegate to a specialist or to his MP.

An Electronic Virtual Assembly can also be a teaching tools to constrain voters to learn and follow debate about the law he is interested to vote about.

Improving the management of the country by a Political Ressource management System

The next step of the instauration of the Electronic Virtual Assembly Software will be its evolution towards a Political Ressource management System.

As defined in wikipedia on internet, Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) integrate (or attempt to integrate) all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system.

Those kind of systems are typically what all governments do according to the national constitution and its old fashion way based on blue print inspired on constitutional parlementary framework existing during the antiquity and redesign 200 years ago.

Ressource management System and internet offer a new way to unify the society. It is now possible to unify the society without any government and to base it on direct democracy. Voting right of individual influencial power can also be in proportion to the amount of taxes paid for launching national project which necessites huge financial ressources. We are involved to gather investors who can help us to start a company to create the PRP software the first Political Ressource management System. This system will be usable to manage democratic rights inside a political parties according to their subscription but its architecture will be flexible enough to be used on the level of a region and even a country.

Leasehold of National territory

Like Hong Kong, we believe that souvereign state should put a part of their territory on rent for 99 years bails to welfare community. Those facility will recreate the conditions at the discovery of America and during Antiquity: the condition of civilisation emergences.