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//###1 pur=test sen=member1 rec=root tit=create_gospel_paragraph create id $id_dr_john=document,((document_reference.gospel,evangelist=john},gospel_translation=young_litteral_translation) create id $id_dr_mark=document,(document_reference.gospel,evangelist=mark},gospel_translation=young_litteral_translation) create document $id_dr_john.paragraph,bible_line=9.1 "And passing by, he saw a man blind from birth," display $id_document pur=test sen=member1 rec=root tit=create_secret_gospel_argument_mark1 create id $id_dr_secret_gospel_of_mark=document.apocryphal,faith=christian,evangelist=mark,document_reference.secret gospel create id $id_dr_john=document,{document_reference.gospel,evangelist=mark},gospel_translation=young_litteral_translation create id $id_dr_john=document,{document_reference.gospel,evangelist=john},gospel_translation=young_litteral_translation create document $id_dr_john.paragraph,bible_line=12.9 "A great multitude, therefore, of the Jews knew that he is there, and they came, not because of Jesus only, but that Lazarus also they may see, whom he raised out of the dead;" create document $id_dr_john.paragraph,bible_line=12.10 "and the chief priests took counsel, that also Lazarus they may kill," //create document $id_dr_mark.paragraph,bible_line=14.51 "and a certain young man was following him, having put a linen cloth about his naked body, and the young men lay hold on him, " create document $id_dr_mark.paragraph,title=1 -linear -comment:"1 A beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, Son of God. 2 As it hath been written in the prophets, 'Lo, I send My messenger before thy face, who shall prepare thy way before thee,' -- 3 'A voice of one calling in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, straight make ye his paths,' -- 4 John came baptizing in the wilderness, and proclaiming a baptism of reformation -- to remission of sins, 5 and there were going forth to him all the region of Judea, and they of Jerusalem, and they were all baptized by him in the river Jordan, confessing their sins. 6 And John was clothed with camel's hair, and a girdle of skin around his loins, and eating locusts and honey of the field, 7 and he proclaimed, saying, 'He doth come -- who is mightier than I -- after me, of whom I am not worthy -- having stooped down -- to loose the latchet of his sandals; 8 I indeed did baptize you with water, but he shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit.' 9 And it came to pass in those days, Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized by John at the Jordan; 10 and immediately coming up from the water, he saw the heavens dividing, and the Spirit as a dove coming down upon him; 11 and a voice came out of the heavens, 'Thou art My Son -- the Beloved, in whom I did delight.' 12 And immediately doth the Spirit put him forth to the wilderness, 13 and he was there in the wilderness forty days, being tempted by the Adversary, and he was with the beasts, and the messengers were ministering to him. 14 And after the delivering up of John, Jesus came to Galilee, proclaiming the good news of the reign of God, 15 and saying -- 'Fulfilled hath been the time, and the reign of God hath come nigh, reform ye, and believe in the good news.' 16 And, walking by the sea of Galilee, he saw Simon, and Andrew his brother, casting a drag into the sea, for they were fishers, 17 and Jesus said to them, 'Come ye after me, and I shall make you to become fishers of men;' 18 and immediately, having left their nets, they followed him. 19 And having gone on thence a little, he saw James of Zebedee, and John his brother, and they were in the boat refitting the nets, 20 and immediately he called them, and, having left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired servants, they went away after him. 21 And they go on to Capernaum, and immediately, on the sabbaths, having gone into the synagogue, he was teaching, 22 and they were astonished at his teaching, for he was teaching them as having authority, and not as the scribes. 23 And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit, and he cried out, 24 saying, 'Away! what -- to us and to thee, Jesus the Nazarene? thou didst come to destroy us; I have known thee who thou art -- the Holy One of God.' 25 And Jesus rebuked him, saying, 'Be silenced, and come forth out of him,' 26 and the unclean spirit having torn him, and having cried with a great voice, came forth out of him, 27 and they were all amazed, so as to reason among themselves, saying, 'What is this? what new teaching is this? that with authority also the unclean spirits he commandeth, and they obey him!' 28 And the fame of him went forth immediately to all the region, round about, of Galilee. 29 And immediately, having come forth out of the synagogue, they went to the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John, 30 and the mother-in-law of Simon was lying fevered, and immediately they tell him about her, 31 and having come near, he raised her up, having laid hold of her hand, and the fever left her immediately, and she was ministering to them. 32 And evening having come, when the sun did set, they brought unto him all who were ill, and who were demoniacs, 33 and the whole city was gathered together near the door, 34 and he healed many who were ill of manifold diseases, and many demons he cast forth, and was not suffering the demons to speak, because they knew him. 35 And very early, it being yet night, having risen, he went forth, and went away to a desert place, and was there praying; 36 and Simon and those with him went in quest of him, 37 and having found him, they say to him, -- 'All do seek thee;' 38 and he saith to them, 'We may go to the next towns, that there also I may preach, for for this I came forth.' 39 And he was preaching in their synagogues, in all Galilee, and is casting out the demons, 40 and there doth come to him a leper, calling on him, and kneeling to him, and saying to him -- 'If thou mayest will, thou art able to cleanse me.' 41 And Jesus having been moved with compassion, having stretched forth the hand, touched him, and saith to him, 'I will; be thou cleansed;' 42 and he having spoken, immediately the leprosy went away from him, and he was cleansed. 43 And having sternly charged him, immediately he put him forth, 44 and saith to him, 'See thou mayest say nothing to any one, but go away, thyself shew to the priest, and bring near for thy cleansing the things Moses directed, for a testimony to them.' 45 And he, having gone forth, began to proclaim much, and to spread abroad the thing, so that no more he was able openly to enter into the city, but he was without in desert places, and they were coming unto him from every quarter." create $Jesus_of_Nazareth,title=Messiah,brother=Jude,James,mother=Mary,born=Gallilee.Nazareth create $john_the_baptiste,job_name=the baptiste,cloth=camel hair+camel's hair,girdle of skin around his loins,alimentation=locusts+honey of the field -quotation:$id_dr_mark.paragraph,bible_line=1.6 create $john_the_baptiste moral_character=live of his work -inference:alimentation=locusts+honey of the field create property actor.social_career -values.exclusive:speculation_and_production,propaganda,physical_intimidation create $john_the_baptiste_regonize_Jesus$john_the_baptiste,action=recognize_guruship,object=$Jesus_of_Nazareth -quotation=$id_dr_mark.paragraph,bible_line=1.8 create rule condition={,action=recognize_guruship,object=Y},consequence.impossibility.{,action=recognize_guruship,object=X} create rule condition={,action=baptise,object=Y},consequence.{,action=recognize_guruship,object=X} create class era=warrior,propaganda,productivity create rule condition={},consequence={event.era=productivity} create rule condition={},consequence={event.era=propaganda} create rule condition={},consequence={event.era=warrior} create $john_baptism_jews$john_the_baptiste,action=baptiste,object=jews.sinner,location=judea desert near Jordan,duration=1-10years -quotation:$id_dr_mark.paragraph,bible_line=1.4-9 create $baptism definition.baptism,comment=remission of sins,subject=individual,action=cancel,object=sin,complement_person=individual prog=cancel.sin -quotation:$id_dr_mark.paragraph,bible_line=1.4 -incidental:$john_baptism_jews create $sins definition.sin,comment=violation of the law,subject=actor,action=cancel,object=law create $john_baptism_jesus$john_the_baptiste,action=batiste,object=jesus of nazareth,location=judea desert -quotation:$id_dr_mark.paragraph,bible_line=1.9-12 -include:$john_batism_jews create$Jesus,action=retriate,location=judea.jordan,duration=40days -quotation:$id_dr_mark.paragraph,line=1.12-13 -after:$john_baptism_jesus create mediatic_concept,name=reign of god,time=future_immediate -quotation:$id_dr_mark.paragraph=1.line=12-13 create mediatic_concept,name=apocalypse,time=future_immediate identify mediatic_concept,name=reign of god mediatic_concept,name=apocalypse create $john_baptism_arrest$Herod,action=arrest,object=$john_the_baptiste -after:$john_baptism_jews -quotation:$id_dr_mark.paragraph=1.line=19-20 create $Simon_Peter,given name=Peter,title=apostle,job=fishermen create $Andrew,title=apostle,brother=Simon,job=fishermen create $jesus_recruit_simon$Jesus,action=recruit,job=campaining,object=$Simon_Peter,$Andrew,location=galilee.lake of tiberiade -quotation=$id_dr_mark.paragraph=1.line=14 -after:$john_baptism_arrest create $jesus_invent_campaining$Jesus,action=invent campaining,marketing_name=fishing of men,incidental=$jesus_recruit_simon create $John_Apostle,title=apostle,brother=$James_Apostle,job=fishermen,father=$Zebedee create $James_Apostle,title=apostle,brother=$John_Apostle,job=fishermen,father=$Zebedee create $Zebedee,son=$James_Apostle,$John_Apostle create $jesus_recruit_john$Jesus,action=recruit,job=campaining,object=$John_Apostle,$James_Apostle,location=galilee.lake of tiberiade -quotation=$id_dr_mark.paragraph=1.line=19-20 -after:$jesus_recruit_simon create$John_Apostle+$James_Apostle,action=abandonnate,object=$Zebedee -quotation=$id_dr_mark.paragraph=1.line=20 -incidental:$jesus_recruit_john create document $id_dr_john.paragraph,title=1 -linear -comment:"1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God; 2 this one was in the beginning with God; 3 all things through him did happen, and without him happened not even one thing that hath happened. 4 In him was life, and the life was the light of men, 5 and the light in the darkness did shine, and the darkness did not perceive it. 6 There came a man -- having been sent from God -- whose name is John, 7 this one came for testimony, that he might testify about the Light, that all might believe through him; 8 that one was not the Light, but -- that he might testify about the Light. 9 He was the true Light, which doth enlighten every man, coming to the world; 10 in the world he was, and the world through him was made, and the world did not know him: 11 to his own things he came, and his own people did not receive him; 12 but as many as did receive him to them he gave authority to become sons of God -- to those believing in his name, 13 who -- not of blood nor of a will of flesh, nor of a will of man but -- of God were begotten. 14 And the Word became flesh, and did tabernacle among us, and we beheld his glory, glory as of an only begotten of a father, full of grace and truth. 15 John doth testify concerning him, and hath cried, saying, 'This was he of whom I said, He who after me is coming, hath come before me, for he was before me;' 16 and out of his fulness did we all receive, and grace over-against grace; 17 for the law through Moses was given, the grace and the truth through Jesus Christ did come; 18 God no one hath ever seen; the only begotten Son, who is on the bosom of the Father -- he did declare. 19 And this is the testimony of John, when the Jews sent out of Jerusalem priests and Levites, that they might question him, 'Who art thou?' 20 and he confessed and did not deny, and confessed -- 'I am not the Christ.' 21 And they questioned him, 'What then? Elijah art thou?' and he saith, 'I am not.' -- 'The prophet art thou?' and he answered, 'No.' 22 They said then to him, 'Who art thou, that we may give an answer to those sending us? what dost thou say concerning thyself?' 23 He said, 'I am a voice of one crying in the wilderness: Make straight the way of the Lord, as said Isaiah the prophet.' 24 And those sent were of the Pharisees, 25 and they questioned him and said to him, 'Why, then, dost thou baptize, if thou art not the Christ, nor Elijah, nor the prophet?' 26 John answered them, saying, 'I baptize with water, but in midst of you he hath stood whom ye have not known, this one it is who is coming after me, who hath been before me, 27 of whom I am not worthy that I may loose the cord of his sandal.' 28 These things came to pass in Bethabara, beyond the Jordan, where John was baptizing, 29 on the morrow John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, 'Lo, the Lamb of God, who is taking away the sin of the world; 30 this is he concerning whom I said, After me doth come a man, who hath come before me, because he was before me: 31 and I knew him not, but, that he might be manifested to Israel, because of this I came with the water baptizing. 32 And John testified, saying -- 'I have seen the Spirit coming down, as a dove, out of heaven, and it remained on him; 33 and I did not know him, but he who sent me to baptize with water, He said to me, On whomsoever thou mayest see the Spirit coming down, and remaining on him, this is he who is baptizing with the Holy Spirit; 34 and I have seen, and have testified, that this is the Son of God.' 35 On the morrow, again, John was standing, and two of his disciples, 36 and having looked on Jesus walking, he saith, 'Lo, the Lamb of God;' 37 and the two disciples heard him speaking, and they followed Jesus. 38 And Jesus having turned, and having beheld them following, saith to them, 'What seek ye?' and they said to them, 'Rabbi, (which is, being interpreted, Teacher,) where remainest thou?' 39 He saith to them, 'Come and see;' they came, and saw where he doth remain, and with him they remained that day and the hour was about the tenth. 40 Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, was one of the two who heard from John, and followed him; 41 this one doth first find his own brother Simon, and saith to him, 'We have found the Messiah,' (which is, being interpreted, The Anointed,) 42 and he brought him unto Jesus: and having looked upon him, Jesus saith, 'Thou art Simon, the son of Jonas, thou shalt be called Cephas,' (which is interpreted, A rock.) 43 On the morrow, he willed to go forth to Galilee, and he findeth Philip, and saith to him, 'Be following me.' 44 And Philip was from Bethsaida, of the city of Andrew and Peter; 45 Philip findeth Nathanael, and saith to him, 'Him of whom Moses wrote in the Law, and the prophets, we have found, Jesus the son of Joseph, who is from Nazareth;' 46 and Nathanael said to him, 'Out of Nazareth is any good thing able to be?' Philip said to him, 'Come and see.' 47 Jesus saw Nathanael coming unto him, and he saith concerning him, 'Lo, truly an Israelite, in whom guile is not;' 48 Nathanael saith to him, 'Whence me dost thou know?' Jesus answered and said to him, 'Before Philip's calling thee -- thou being under the fig-tree -- I saw thee.' 49 Nathanael answered and saith to him, 'Rabbi, thou art the Son of God, thou art the king of Israel.' 50 Jesus answered and said to him, 'Because I said to thee, I saw thee under the fig-tree, thou dost believe; greater things than these thou shalt see;' 51 and he saith to him, 'Verily, verily, I say to you, henceforth ye shall see the heaven opened, and the messengers of God going up and coming down upon the Son of Man.'" create $John_the_evangelist,job=fishermen create $John_the_evangelist.social_career=propaganda -quotation=$id_dr_john.paragraph,bible_line=1 add $john_the_baptiste_regonize_Jesus -quotation=$id_dr_john.paragraph,bible_line=1.19-28 -location:near the jordan.bethara pur=test sen=member1 rec=root tit=create_secret_gospel_argument_mark14 create id $id_dr_secret_gospel_of_mark=document.apocryphal,faith=christian,evangelist=mark,document_reference.secret gospel create id $id_dr_john=document,{document_reference.gospel,evangelist=mark},gospel_translation=young_litteral_translation create id $id_dr_john=document,{document_reference.gospel,evangelist=john},gospel_translation=young_litteral_translation create document $id_dr_john.paragraph,bible_line=12.9 "A great multitude, therefore, of the Jews knew that he is there, and they came, not because of Jesus only, but that Lazarus also they may see, whom he raised out of the dead;" create document $id_dr_john.paragraph,bible_line=12.10 "and the chief priests took counsel, that also Lazarus they may kill," create document $id_dr_mark.paragraph,title_index=14 -type:document_with_linear "1 And the passover and the unleavened food were after two days, and the chief priests and the scribes were seeking how, by guile, having taken hold of him, they might kill him; 2 and they said, 'Not in the feast, lest there shall be a tumult of the people.' 3 And he, being in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, at his reclining (at meat), there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment, of spikenard, very precious, and having broken the alabaster box, did pour on his head; 4 and there were certain much displeased within themselves, and saying, 'For what hath this waste of the ointment been made? 5 for this could have been sold for more than three hundred denaries, and given to the poor;' and they were murmuring at her. 6 And Jesus said, 'Let her alone; why are ye giving her trouble? a good work she wrought on me; 7 for the poor always ye have with you, and whenever ye may will ye are able to do them good, but me ye have not always; 8 what she could she did, she anticipated to anoint my body for the embalming. 9 Verily I say to you, wherever this good news may be proclaimed in the whole world, what also this woman did shall be spoken of -- for a memorial of her.' 10 And Judas the Iscariot, one of the twelve, went away unto the chief priests that he might deliver him up to them, 11 and having heard, they were glad, and promised to give him money, and he was seeking how, conveniently, he might deliver him up. 12 And the first day of the unleavened food, when they were killing the passover, his disciples say to him, 'Where wilt thou, that, having gone, we may prepare, that thou mayest eat the passover?' 13 And he sendeth forth two of his disciples, and saith to them, 'Go ye away to the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water, follow him; 14 and wherever he may go in, say ye to the master of the house -- The Teacher saith, Where is the guest-chamber, where the passover, with my disciples, I may eat? 15 and he will shew you a large upper room, furnished, prepared -- there make ready for us.' 16 And his disciples went forth, and came to the city, and found as he said to them, and they made ready the passover. 17 And evening having come, he cometh with the twelve, 18 and as they are reclining, and eating, Jesus said, 'Verily I say to you -- one of you, who is eating with me -- shall deliver me up.' 19 And they began to be sorrowful, and to say to him, one by one, 'Is it I?' and another, 'Is it I?' 20 And he answering said to them, 'One of the twelve who is dipping with me in the dish; 21 the Son of Man doth indeed go, as it hath been written concerning him, but woe to that man through whom the Son of Man is delivered up; good were it to him if that man had not been born.' 22 And as they are eating, Jesus having taken bread, having blessed, brake, and gave to them, and said, 'Take, eat; this is my body.' 23 And having taken the cup, having given thanks, he gave to them, and they drank of it -- all; 24 and he said to them, 'This is my blood of the new covenant, which for many is being poured out; 25 verily I say to you, that no more may I drink of the produce of the vine till that day when I may drink it new in the reign of God.' 26 And having sung an hymn, they went forth to the mount of the Olives, 27 and Jesus saith to them -- 'All ye shall be stumbled at me this night, because it hath been written, I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered abroad, 28 but after my having risen I will go before you to Galilee.' 29 And Peter said to him, 'And if all shall be stumbled, yet not I;' 30 And Jesus said to him, 'Verily I say to thee, that to-day, this night, before a cock shall crow twice, thrice thou shalt deny me.' 31 And he spake the more vehemently, 'If it may be necessary for me to die with thee -- I will in no wise deny thee;' and in like manner also said they all. 32 And they come to a spot, the name of which is Gethsemane, and he saith to his disciples, 'Sit ye here till I may pray;' 33 and he taketh Peter, and James, and John with him, and began to be amazed, and to be very heavy, 34 and he saith to them, 'Exceeding sorrowful is my soul -- to death; remain here, and watch.' 35 And having gone forward a little, he fell upon the earth, and was praying, that, if it be possible the hour may pass from him, 36 and he said, 'Abba, Father; all things are possible to Thee; make this cup pass from me; but, not what I will, but what Thou.' 37 And he cometh, and findeth them sleeping, and saith to Peter, 'Simon, thou dost sleep! thou wast not able to watch one hour! 38 Watch ye and pray, that ye may not enter into temptation; the spirit indeed is forward, but the flesh weak.' 39 And again having gone away, he prayed, the same word saying; 40 and having returned, he found them again sleeping, for their eyes were heavy, and they had not known what they might answer him. 41 And he cometh the third time, and saith to them, 'Sleep on henceforth, and rest -- it is over; the hour did come; lo, the Son of Man is delivered up to the hands of the sinful; 42 rise, we may go, lo, he who is delivering me up hath come nigh.' 43 And immediately -- while he is yet speaking -- cometh near Judas, one of the twelve, and with him a great multitude, with swords and sticks, from the chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders; 44 and he who is delivering him up had given a token to them, saying, 'Whomsoever I shall kiss, he it is, lay hold on him, and lead him away safely,' 45 and having come, immediately, having gone near him, he saith, 'Rabbi, Rabbi,' and kissed him. 46 And they laid on him their hands, and kept hold on him; 47 and a certain one of those standing by, having drawn the sword, struck the servant of the chief priest, and took off his ear. 48 And Jesus answering said to them, 'As against a robber ye came out, with swords and sticks, to take me! 49 daily I was with you in the temple teaching, and ye did not lay hold on me -- but that the Writings may be fulfilled.' 50 And having left him they all fled; 51 and a certain young man was following him, having put a linen cloth about his naked body, and the young men lay hold on him, 52 and he, having left the linen cloth, did flee from them naked. 53 And they led away Jesus unto the chief priest, and come together to him do all the chief priests, and the elders, and the scribes; 54 and Peter afar off did follow him, to the inside of the hall of the chief priest, and he was sitting with the officers, and warming himself near the fire. 55 And the chief priests and all the sanhedrim were seeking against Jesus testimony -- to put him to death, and they were not finding, 56 for many were bearing false testimony against him, and their testimonies were not alike. 57 And certain having risen up, were bearing false testimony against him, saying -- 58 'We heard him saying -- I will throw down this sanctuary made with hands, and by three days, another made without hands I will build;' 59 and neither so was their testimony alike. 60 And the chief priest, having risen up in the midst, questioned Jesus, saying, 'Thou dost not answer anything! what do these testify against thee?' 61 and he was keeping silent, and did not answer anything. Again the chief priest was questioning him, and saith to him, 'Art thou the Christ -- the Son of the Blessed?' 62 and Jesus said, 'I am; and ye shall see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of the power, and coming with the clouds, of the heaven.' 63 And the chief priest, having rent his garments, saith, 'What need have we yet of witnesses? 64 Ye heard the evil speaking, what appeareth to you?' and they all condemned him to be worthy of death, 65 and certain began to spit on him, and to cover his face, and to buffet him, and to say to him, 'Prophesy;' and the officers were striking him with their palms. 66 And Peter being in the hall beneath, there doth come one of the maids of the chief priest, 67 and having seen Peter warming himself, having looked on him, she said, 'And thou wast with Jesus of Nazareth!' 68 and he denied, saying, 'I have not known him, neither do I understand what thou sayest;' and he went forth without to the porch, and a cock crew. 69 And the maid having seen him again, began to say to those standing near -- 'This is of them;' 70 and he was again denying. And after a little again, those standing near said to Peter, 'Truly thou art of them, for thou also art a Galilean, and thy speech is alike;' 71 and he began to anathematize, and to swear -- 'I have not known this man of whom ye speak;' 72 and a second time a cock crew, and Peter remembered the saying that Jesus said to him -- 'Before a cock crow twice, thou mayest deny me thrice;' and having thought thereon -- he was weeping." create document $id_dr_secret_gospel_of_mark -type:document "From the letters of the most holy Clement, the author of the Stromateis. To Theodore. You did well in silencing the unspeakable teachings of the Carpocratians. For these are the "wandering stars" referred to in the prophecy, who wander from the narrow road of the commandments into a boundless abyss of the carnal and bodily sins. For, priding themselves in knowledge, as they say, "of the deep things of Satan," they do not know that they are casting themselves away into "the nether world of the darkness" of falsity, and, boasting that they are free, they have become slaves of servile desires. Such men are to be opposed in all ways and altogether. For, even if they should say something true, one who loves the truth should not, even so, agree with them. For not all true things are the truth, nor should that truth which merely seems true according to human opinions be preferred to the true truth, that according to the faith. Now of the things they keep saying about the divinely inspired Gospel according to Mark, some are altogether falsifications, and others, even if they do contain some true elements, nevertheless are not reported truly. For the true things being mixed with inventions, are falsified, so that, as the saying goes, even the salt loses its savor. As for Mark, then, during Peter's stay in Rome he wrote an account of the Lord's doings, not, however, declaring all of them, nor yet hinting at the secret ones, but selecting what he thought most useful for increasing the faith of those who were being instructed. But when Peter died a martyr, Mark came over to Alexandria, bringing both his own notes and those of Peter, from which he transferred to his former book the things suitable to whatever makes for progress toward knowledge. Thus he composed a more spiritual Gospel for the use of those who were being perfected. Nevertheless, he yet did not divulge the things not to be uttered, nor did he write down the hierophantic teaching of the Lord, but to the stories already written he added yet others and, moreover, brought in certain sayings of which he knew the interpretation would, as a mystagogue, lead the hearers into the innermost sanctuary of that truth hidden by seven veils. Thus, in sum, he prepared matters, neither grudgingly nor incautiously, in my opinion, and, dying, he left his composition to the church in Alexandria, where it even yet is most carefully guarded, being read only to those who are being initiated into the great mysteries. But since the foul demons are always devising destruction for the race of men, Carpocrates, instructed by them and using deceitful arts, so enslaved a certain presbyter of the church in Alexandria that he got from him a copy of the secret Gospel, which he both interpreted according to his blasphemous and carnal doctrine and, moreover, polluted, mixing with the spotless and holy words utterly shameless lies. From this mixture is drawn off the teaching of the Carpocratians. To them, therefore, as I said above, one must never give way; nor, when they put forward their falsifications, should one concede that the secret Gospel is by Mark, but should even deny it on oath. For, "Not all true things are to be said to all men." For this reason the Wisdom of God, through Solomon, advises, "Answer the fool from his folly," teaching that the light of the truth should be hidden from those who are mentally blind. Again it says, "From him who has not shall be taken away," and, "Let the fool walk in darkness." But we are "children of light," having been illuminated by "the dayspring" of the spirit of the Lord "from on high," and "Where the Spirit of the Lord is," it says, "there is liberty," for "All things are pure to the pure." To you, therefore, I shall not hesitate to answer the questions you have asked, refuting the falsifications by the very words of the Gospel. For example, after ,"And they were in the road going up to Jerusalem," and what follows, until "After three days he shall arise," the secret Gospel brings the following material word for word: "And they come into Bethany. And a certain woman whose brother had died was there. And, coming, she prostrated herself before Jesus and says to him, 'Son of David, have mercy on me.' But the disciples rebuked her. And Jesus, being angered, went off with her into the garden where the tomb was, and straightway a great cry was heard from the tomb. And going near Jesus rolled away the stone from the door of the tomb. And straightway, going in where the youth was, he stretched forth his hand and raised him, seizing his hand. But the youth, looking upon him, loved him and began to beseech him that he might be with him. And going out of the tomb they came into the house of the youth, for he was rich. And after six days Jesus told him what to do and in the evening the youth comes to him, wearing a linen cloth over his naked body. And he remained with him that night, for Jesus taught him the mystery of the kingdom of God. And thence, arising, he returned to the other side of the Jordan." After these words follows the text, "And James and John come to him," and all that section. But "naked man with naked man," and the other things about which you wrote, are not found. And after the words, "And he comes into Jericho," the secret Gospel adds only, "And the sister of the youth whom Jesus loved and his mother and Salome were there, and Jesus did not receive them." But the many other things about which you wrote both seem to be and are falsifications. Now the true explanation and that which accords with the true philosophy..." create actor $youth of bethany=actor.source=$id_dr_secret_gospel_of_mark,actor_name=youth of bethany create actor $lazarus=actor.source=$id_dr_john,actor_name=youth of bethany create event lazarus_resurection -quotation:$id_dr_john.paragraph,bible_line=11 create event youth_of_bethany_resurection -quotation:$id_dr_secret_gospel_of_mark -location:bethany create event miracle_blind_timothy -location:bethany :$id_dr_john.paragraph,bible_line=9 -location:jericho create relation.event.time_sequence,preceding=miracle_blind_timothy,succeeding=lazarus_resurection create $identity_lazarus_youth_of_bethany={,$youth of bethany=$lazarus} -argument:hypothesis.$identity_story_lazarus_secret_gospel_of_mark create $identity_event_lazarus_secret_gospel_of_mark={relation.event.identity,lazarus_resurection=youth_of_bethany_resurection} -argument:location select hypothesis $identity_story_lazarus_secret_gospel_of_mark -over: /* 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