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From religion to politics
Human genome
New Rapport
Electronic Democracy: How to make politics affordable to every citizen?
The revival of the law
Human genome
Selection of political revendication
Specificification Document
Western Civilisation
The day when the master of the world wil controle our genome
Who should do what ?

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The preface is intend to focus of the various issue which make the use of genetics a taboo in the political. The first political pitfall is to make people believed that we are condition by experience and environment and not by our genes. The recent study of genetics in the last 20 years has proved this impothesis 100 % wrong. Genes has been proved to condition behaviors especially behaviors in our process to acquire information. And, recent genetics prove that this information acquiring programs is different from one individual to another according to our genome difference.  The second political pitfall for politicians has been to justify racism by the use of darwinism. Recent genetics prove that the genes involved in the body shapes and so the race are differents than genes programming our instinct and behaviors. Race genes depens on the climatic environment but behaviors genes depend on the socio et economic environment of the last 10 to 20 generations. The third political pitfall is to justify individualism by darwinism. Recent genetics research proves that our species and species preceding us as all involved in community of an average of 30 inviduals. So, our instinct makes us adapt to the community. And futhermore, in a community, diversity in term of individual behaviors is a competitive advantage for a competitive advantage. Our genes favorize the specialisation and diversify talents. Community with highly diversify individual got a competitive advantage against community with individuals too similar.  The purpose of this book is to help the public to become award of the danger of the human genome projects as it will give the know how to people with legitimate or not power position to manipulate the genome of the next generation. Those manipulations will be advertized as a benefice of the whole country but it will be more focus toward the protection of the interest of the establishement than a real benefice. It also carry extreme danger like the lost of diversity in the national genome and process of taming of the population. So, this book will help the public to analyse politics in term of "gene war" in order to have a more critical view of what politics is. So, the first part of this book is to rewrite the history and especially the history of religion in term of "gene war".  The purpose is to extract and understand some general rules well known to sociologists which conditionne the evolution of religious and political movements. The understanding of those rules will help us to make some bold predictions of how the public society is likely to evolve in the coming future in front of the human genome programs threat. One of the counter attack tools is internet and its extraordinary potential in politics. The evolution of politics is constrained by the cost of communication. Up to now, the cost of communication is increasing according to how far we need to communicate. During the roman time, it was free to communicate with your neighbour. But, if you live in Rome and have to administrate North Africa, it was very expensive to get reliable information and to transmit orders.Another change in the cost structure, it is cheaper to communicate to a large number of people. The last part of the book will demonstrate that the technological revolution make the field open to radicale new political system. I will call this political system "electronic democracy", a democracy 100 % transparent where all the political process is egalatarian accessible to all, where the constitutional law is electronic and all political act are also electronic sos as to be automatically controlled by an electronic constitution. The question is "do this revolution towards an electronic democracy can occur ?" If yes, what can be the catalysed to make it happen and where might it start ? 
 From social insects to human tribal community: How nature deal with the problem of corrdination of large community ?  - Ants, bees and termits are well studied social insects. There social structure is completely programs by their instincts. We commonly describe them by serving a queen. What does a queen mean in the insect world ? Does it mean that some decision are taken by a single insect. If yes, what are those decisions ? This paragraphs presents how does genetic instincts regulate the coordination of the community. In an insect community, the constitunal rule is in the genome and this constitutional rule define the behaviors of each individuals to make them fit tyhe need of the community. Insects do have some communication strategy. Bee communite by battle their wings In the mammal world, the wolf coordinate their hunting around a leader. Hunting necessitate fast reactivity of the group. Self initiate communication between individuals is too slow and too impretictable.  So, the leader coordinate the hunting and all the wolfs follow by listening to the leader. Leader are usually selected by fighting.  In nature, some instinct has been developped to facilitate the submission to the leader. In natural evolution, the first rule is to reuse existing instincts in a different way to fit a new way. The instinct of attachment has appeared very early in our evolution. Canary bird gets attach to the first moving creature the see including a human and follow them as it were their mother. This instinct had been developped to transmit the culture of survival from parents to children. The receptivity of children is limited in age. The passage of adulthood of human is a lost of receptivity which is compassate by the acquisition of independent strategy of learning. The child is taught. The adult hunts for useful knowledge. In the animal world, useful knowledge is related to learn where we have the best chance to find a mate or foods. In the case of social animals like wolf, the attachment instinct had been evolved so as to facilate the receptivity towrads the leader. The leader becomes the "father" of the community.  However, this attachment instinct which will evolve into "love" into humans, is extremely various from one individual to another. Some individuals have no potential to become a leader and we have a strong "attachment instinct". Other individual have to potential to compete with the leader and will be hold by fear. Female are more likely to be controlled by the leader through an attachment instinct and male by fear. Fear is likely to be overcome and the individual who overcome fear, will defy the leader to take his position. The problem of the variety of instinct in the tribue  Small