The "community act" association

The defender of moral evolutionism. The combat of the new Huguenots



The purpose of  "community act" association is to promote the concept of moral evolutionism

The point of coexistencialism/"community act" is to give a juridical form to those welfare communities to suppress the sectary component in order to help the move from a community to another and strengthen the moral core of the civilisation of the "community".

The "community act" association promotes an alternative in order to replace the welfare state. Ideas of the commuty acts are based on the social model of the the XVII to the XIX united State. During those days, religuous devoters like Quakers communities gather around a Paster which works out to improve the morality of the community. Welfare communities were competing with other welfare communities on social and economic basis. Most of them offer welfare aids and education to adepts and new members.

Our objectif is to revive this alternative model to the welfare state called coexistencialism

The debate topics includes the feasibility of project related to national sovereignty, globalization and integration of underdeveloped countries to the world economy.

 bulletOpening desert terrority to the immigration of community. With the right of community to create their own welfare community, community should be submited to a flat add-value taxes and has the possibilities to create their own welfare by making contracts with school, hospital,....

 bullet capitalism globalism is successful where the morality supports it but the success is limited where it can't be.

bullet Coexistencialism, a system for adaptative evolution of moral values.

bulletEnd of sects and the beginning of welfare communities

bullet Creation of a political laboratory which offers the possibility to political parties to test their policy before presenting it to the elector. 

bullet coexistencialism which is a mechanism based on the competition between social structures. Its purpose is to manage the changes in the society as efficiently as the market mechanisms drive the structure of the economy. The coexistencialism is a practical form of panarchy.

 bullet The multi monetary  is a pragmatic approach to globalization to emerging countries who have difficulties to maintain a stable convertible currency.

bullet Coexistencialism is also a rational solution to the problem of international debt of underdeveloped countries. The exposure to a debt on the name of a welfare communities will avoid that nation  contracts eternal debts. As the competitive community of the coexistencialism can go bankrupt, future generations will have a protection against the mismanagement and errors of previous governments.

bullet Globalization and panarchy. Panarchy might be a necessary form of government to complement the process of globalization.  As globalization is a need to reduce the risk of a major war which can endanger the human species, the respect of cultural differences might need the freedom of panarchy to help people to accept a  world governments.

bulletThe CAA worries about the stochastic process  of public opinion.  The diversity of opinion is encouraged by facts that their can't be any definite scientific opinion about social and economical problem. However, the chance of improvement of rational and professional opinion is far better than with public opinion where background did not get rid of KGB influence.  And so, the CAA is involved in the development of "Rational opinion", an expert system which can handle complexe trans-cultural opinion out of reach of a standard human brain.

In order to succeed in those projects, the CAA is involved in the search of an authority who can accept to dedicate a part of his territory to the creation of a social laboratory. This experiment is comparable to the experimentation of the "market economy" which took place in China at Shenzhen. And even more idealistic, it can also be compared to the creation of Auroville in India.  India authorizes the creation of Auroville to test the humanitarian principle of the philosopher Sri Aurobindo. The CAA is opened to every body who would like to insert and publish his own articles in our web site structure.

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